Care Instructions for Oak Furniture

If treated properly, your purchase from the should last a lifetime. Here's some tips and advice that will help show how to take care of your new solid oak furniture.

Care of your solid oak furniture


If you spill anything on your oak furniture clean it up as soon as you can - do not wipe in a circular motion - use a ‘blotting' action to soak up the liquid then use a damp (but not wet) clean cloth.

Abrasive Cleaning Products

Never try to use any type of abrasive cleaning products as they could damage your oak furniture.


Dust your furniture as often as possible with a clean dry duster ensuring there is no grit on the duster.

Light Oil Finished Oak

For light oil finished solid oak furniture, use oil to keep it looking fresh, use a natural oil (ensure the oil does not have any kind of colour stain in it). - use proprietary cloth.

Household Furniture Sprays
Avoid using household furniture sprays or polishes on your solid oak furniture.

Cracks in the Wood

As with any natural wood products in some situations your oak furniture could develop small cracks, this is not a problem, but it can be limited by (i) not leaving your furniture next to a heat source (i.e. a radiator or heater which will be turned on and off) and (ii) occasionally applying a light, natural oil.


Avoid placing hot objects on your oak furniture and always use a coaster for warm drinks. If you are using your oak furniture with warm items use suitable proprietary heat protection.

Direct Sunlight
Try not to leave your oak furniture in direct sunlight as this may cause fading on the side facing the sun light.

Placing Objects on Oak Furniture

If you have lots of objects on your oak furniture move them around occasionally so as not to leave marks. Always use place mats on oak tables and a table cloth if possible, this will prevent minor marks and scratches. Obviously, never let children loose with pens, pencils or anything else around your oak furniture.