10 ideas on how to show off treasured possessions in a display cabinet

10 ideas on how to show off treasured possessions in a display cabinet

Posted by Clare on Jul 05, 2021

We all need storage in our homes and often opt for cupboards and drawers that hide everything from view. This can be useful but what about those ornaments, collectables and photographs that we’d like to look at and enjoy on a daily basis? Display cabinets offer a creative and sophisticated way to exhibit your favourite things and showcase your style and interests - while keeping them all dust free! Here are The Wooden Furniture Store's ideas on how to show off treasured possessions in a display cabinet.

Mix and match

Mix and max what's on the shelf
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Treat each shelf as a little vignette, combining artful pieces, books, and other decorative objects you love. Be sure to create a focal point in each space and coordinating colours for balance. The beauty of a display cabinet is that you can be flexible in your approach. Display books with photographs, or stand artwork alongside potted plants. They don’t always call for uniformity but rather for creativity, personality, versatility and flair. If you change your mind one day, you can switch it up the next.

Think about what to display

Think about what to display
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From treasured photographs to artwork, favourite reads, nostalgic ornaments and special vintage finds – why not consider including a few plants or perhaps a large scented seasonal candle in between more personal items too?

Fill it up!

Fill the display cabinet up
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It might seem like an obvious tip, when you're filling the display cabinet with treasures, whether it’s books, vinyl, artwork or ornaments, make sure your display cabinet doesn’t look too sparse. Adding different heights to your shelves will make it much more interesting to look at, too.

A pop of colour

Add some colour
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If you want to add a pop of colour to your display cabinet, consider wallpapering the back of the unit, behind the shelves. This will draw the eye in and add dimension. To exhibit a glassware collection, try inserting one or two coloured glass pieces to change the whole feel of the display. Or, if you’re one for organised clutter, try grouping items by colour. Books make a particularly terrific example of how effective colour-coding is, or display matching ceramics for an equally striking arrangement.

Three is still the magic number

Group things in 3s
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Group things in odd numbers. You might have heard it one million times before, but things really do look better in odd numbers – and three is the magic number at all times!

Theme the inside

Theme the inside of the display cabinet
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Incorporate a variety of pieces into your collection, but choose a common theme for your cabinet, such as colour, subject, type of piece, or material—this helps you avoid a cluttered look. If you’re going for a co-ordinated hue look, don’t have more than three different colours or shades (told you it was magic.)

Think about scale

Think about scale
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Arrange according to size. Be sure to create a focal point in each space, playing with various heights and coordinating colours for balance.

Hidden storage

Add a storage tray
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A little bit of sneaky storage always comes in handy on your shelves – they seem to be clutter collectors. From keys to sunglasses to homework, something that was never supposed to be there will probably end up there. A pretty tray or a bowl is perfect for this purpose. Nestled between some books or between ornaments, you can at least put this clutter somewhere where it looks like it’s supposed to belong.

In the bathroom

Display cabinet in the bathroom
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If you’re looking for a display cabinet to go in the bathroom, why not add small wire baskets to sit on the shelves for storing a few items in?

Adding some green

Add some green
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From succulents and trailing ivy to string of pearls and seasonal dried flowers, they’re perfect for filling awkward spaces and adding a splash of colour in-between more neutral hues.

How do you show off your treasured possessions in a display cabinet? We’d love to know, so comment below.