6 clever storage ideas for keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free

6 clever storage ideas for keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free

Posted by Clare on Nov 06, 2019

Smart storage solutions are an essential ingredient in creating a stylish, organised bathroom, no matter what size it is. With the launch of our new Mobel Oak bathroom range, we thought we'd take a look at clever storage ideas for keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free.

Keep it simple

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When you have a small bathroom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed trying to find space for all of your odds and ends, especially if you want to keep your room organised. Why not install a shelf above the sink for your essentials and other small knick-knacks?

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You could also arrange a few shelves above the toilet. This is the perfect spot to utilise the empty space to store baskets and towels. Adding a floating shelf above the toilet is an easy way to add a little charm to a teeny bathroom.

Space underneath

Mobel Oak single door round sink unit

For a designer feel in the bathroom, this fabulous Moble Oak unit not only brings order to the bathroom, it also makes for an eye-catching feature with it's contemporary, curvaceous, ceramic basin and modern single tap fixture. Its clean, simple lines would work well with any type of tile or colour scheme.

Recessed storage

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When space is at a premium, install practical recessed storage space. It's an unobtrusive way to keep bathroom essentials neat and tidy without having to splash out on built-in units. Reframe one of your walls and introduce some sunken shelf space, which can be particularly useful in a shower. The storage space can hold all of your showering essentials without encroaching on valuable space within the room itself. It’s the perfect way of increasing your storage capacity without making the room seem cramped.

Use every inch of space

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If you're short of floor space, it makes sense to utilise walls as much as possible in the bathroom. Just a few hooks on the back of the door or on the wall can be a big help. Why not use the hooks to hang storage baskets as well as add charming touches, like hanging planters, to breathe life into the space.


Upcycle some furniture for your bathroomImage from

If you have a bedside table or cabinet that you’re thinking of throwing out, think again! Give a tired piece of furniture a new purpose simply by moving it into the bathroom.

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Use a display cabinet for instant storage solution in the bathroom. This design is clean and simple and provides eye-catching practical storage and display space for towels, baskets, toiletries and vases.

Sleek design

Mobel Oak dual sink bathroom unit

This Mobel Oak dual sink bathroom unit is perfect for those with a large family bathroom, the stylish unit will transform your space whilst practically offering a “his and hers” ceramic basin area with modern single tap fixtures above each sink. With plenty of space for bathroom essentials in the cupboard and shelf, you can keep clutter to a minimum and let the beautiful washstand take the design spotlight.

There’s so many essential bits and pieces in a bathroom that you just can’t store elsewhere. Which ideas will you use to keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free? We'd love to know.