What furniture do I need for my baby’s nursery?

What furniture do I need for my baby’s nursery?

Posted by Richard on Nov 07, 2019

Planning your baby’s nursery (and which nursery furniture is required) is an exciting time during pregnancy.  It’s great to make your own creative statement on a room and make it a special place for your new arrival. In those first few months it’s difficult to imagine them snuggling up and sleeping in their own room but it will happen!

For the first six months, your tiny baby will sleep near you in a crib or Moses basket, and so that gives you some time (if not the energy!) to think about the first stage of planning the nursery - choosing a colour scheme.  If you don’t know the sex of your baby, decorating the room in neutral colours is a sensible idea and then accessorizes it once your baby has arrived. It’s a good idea to decorate the room before your baby arrives using non-toxic paint and to make sure it’s aired well too.

A few well-chosen pieces of nursery furniture can transform a box room into a welcoming space for your new baby.

The Cot - the centre-piece of any nursery

In our Nutkin nursery range we have a very special Cot-Bed.  It’s the perfect first bed and will last from new-born to toddler because as your child grows, the cot changes easily into sleigh bed.  The cot-bed is made from hardwearing, traditional white painted ash wood and has three useful storage drawers underneath.

Next on the list is a practical changing station - obviously nappies will be featuring heavily in your life for foreseeable future! So, an important piece of baby kit is the Baby Changer. If space is tight we have a matching cot top changer in the Nutkin range.

Most parents then opt for storage solutions for the room – somewhere to store all those baby clothes and somewhere to keep toys and books once your baby is a bit older.  The Nutkin range comes with a single or nursery double wardrobe, a blanket box and shelf unit. These items can be purchased individually at the Wooden Furniture Store.

It's all in the finishing touches....

And now for those all important details to create the perfect sanctuary for your baby.  A blackout blind is a must, as is a baby monitor.  If the nursery is big enough you might also like to think about buying a comfortable feeding chair. And for the finishing touches what about creating your own picture frames of scan images or first-hand prints?  And to complete everything, don’t forget co-ordinating bedding and to add a few matching accessories.

So with a little planning, that daunting task of creating the perfect nursery shouldn't cause any sleepless nights (for you), and hopefully plenty of peaceful nights for your new arrival. The end result? The perfect nursery for your little one.