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Whatever you call it - the front room, living room, lounge, drawing room or just the family sitting room, it is the undisputed centre of the home for most people. It is the place that one should feel completely relaxed and at ease, away from the stresses and strains of the World outside.

With that in mind, it must be just perfect and our wooden living room furniture helps to create that calm oasis whatever the style you are looking for, or the space you might have. At the Wooden Furniture Store we have living room furniture ranges in a number of styles and materials, from our ever popular light oak furniture collections, to warm and stylish walnut furniture, or for something a little more classic in style, our beautiful mahogany furniture. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our solid furniture is the perfect way to help transform your front room to a living room.

Wooden living room furniture - the key to a perfect living space

Where to start? Well, there are four key areas to consider when planning the perfect living room:

Wooden TV Cabinets

The days of the TV being a big, heavy and unattractive box in the corner of the room are long gone. These days the television is firmly at the centre of the living space, and supports a range of activites from watching programs, gaming, browsing the internet and streaming content. So a wooden TV unit is usually the first item on list when purchasing new furniture. A suitable unit needs to look great, provide lots of useful features and storage - as well as last a lifetime.

Wooden Bookcases

One of the more essential storage units in the home, a wooden bookcase is a versatile item that is not exclusively for just books! A well crafted, solid oak bookcase can also be used to store a range of everyday items, from electronics, lamps, letters and post or pretty much anything you need to keep at hand. For additional storage, choose a bookcase with drawers - perfect for keeping all the essential bits and pieces (such as keys, wallets, DVDs and other day to day items) safely stored and close at hand. 

Wooden Coffee Tables

Placing a beautiful quality coffee table at the centre of your sitting room provides a couple of key benefits. Firstly it acts as a focal point and looks great, giving your room some extra character and the ideal way to help dress your room - perhaps to display an arrangement of fresh flowers or a collection of interesting reading. Secondly it's also the key to keeping your living room neat and tidy as many styles of coffee table will also have a variety of storage options for magazines, keys and other useful items.

Occasional Furniture

So what actually is occasional furniture? Sometimes also referred to as 'accent pieces' it is a general term used to describe small, completely functional items of furniture that can be put to use as any particular occasion requires. Occasional furniture items are really useful for the lounge, as they can be moved and postioned quickly and easily as needed. Items such as lamp tables, chests, easily moved chairs and even coffee tables would fit into this category.

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