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About Our Wood Furniture

Order your furniture today and get excellent delivery, friendly customer service and most importantly, the best quality wooden furniture online at great prices!

Our furniture warehouse

Our warehouse in Oxford with thousands of products

Every item is ready-assembled and made with 100% solid hardwood - no flat packs here, just quality furniture made with skill and care.

It's safe, fast and easy with our 100% secure online shopping, excellent customer support, considerate delivery service and no-fuss seven day returns policy. Why not buy today?

Quality Furniture without costing the Earth

In the pursuit of profit, it's clear that some furniture manufacturers and retailers turn a blind eye to some of the less attractive practices of the industry - practices such as the illegal logging of rainforest or unfair employment of workers. Sometimes this is done knowingly, but often these companies may not be aware - perhaps choosing the 'ask no questions' approach.

We are very proud to say that at the Wooden Furniture Store we make it our business to scrutinise the claims of our wood suppliers and the origins of their raw materials - 100% of our items either come from approved timber sources or are made from reclaimed materials that were originally sourced from low environmental impact sources.

Sustainable Timber Plantations

All of our new (ie non-reclaimed) ranges use only timber sourced from replenished, ethically managed and run plantations. These plantations have to adhere to certain standards in terms of the labour employed on the plantations, but of course the sustainable manner in which the raw material is produced. 

The FSC do fantastic work to help protect the forests of the world, and to read more about what it "FSC Certified Timber" means, please visit http://www.fsc-uk.org/?page_id=5

Reclaimed Furniture Ranges

Reclaimed furniture is, strictly-speaking, furniture made from timber that has already been used elsewhere.  Typically this might be furniture made from old railway sleepers or telegraph poles. This has obvious benefits to the environment with no energy or resources needed to nurture and harvest new timber.

Efficient Delivery Route Planning

We offer quick delivery (usually no more than 10 days) once you place your order. Behind the scenes we employ some clever scheduling software that groups all order received over the previous few days and allocate delivery runs that minimise journey time, the overall number of delivery runs needed and therefore the fuel used to make those deliveries.