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Our guide to choosing the best home office furniture

Whatever you are looking for, and whatever space you have to furnish - be it a computer desk with storage for a larger office or a small home office desk for those with a little less space, we've got a wide range of wooden computer desks and storage solutions.

It might seem a straightforward process, but it is important to get it right from day one. It is well understood from various studies looking at workplace productivity and efficiency of an office environment is heavily influenced by the surroundings in which people have to work. This applies as much when you are choosing contemporary home working furniture for your own personal office as it does when a large company refurbishes their huge corporate office.

If you are aiming for a sleek, modern home working space then a light oak office desk would be ideal, but for a more traditional, formal home workspace then an impressive mahogany desk and matching filing cabinet may well be a better choice. However, the good news is that you can take advantage of one of the obvious benefits of home working - that you can make it a truly personal space – your choice of layout, material, style and storage options with (often) no-one else to please but yourself.

Step One: Review the most popular materials used for home study furniture

When selecting high quality, solid wood furniture there are many different types of materials and styles and no shortage of choice when you buy from us at the Wooden Furniture Store. So, the first consideration of which wood to choose is probably the most important when starting to plan your working space – what’s ideal for your home study or work area and the look you are going for? Oak, mahogany, walnut or even a more contemporary painted style all are great options, so where do you start? How do you choose your office decor appropriately, selecting the best material, style and layout to best suit your needs? There is a combination of aspects to consider, including personal taste, the aesthetic you are looking for, the available space for your computer, PC or laptop - and your budget. If you are in the process of selecting desks for home offices then you can see our wooden computer office desks.

Oak Office Furniture

By far the most popular choice, oak offers possibly the widest range and selection when it comes to furnishing a small office. Our bestselling solid oak furniture range, Mobel Oak, is an obvious choice for those looking to combine sleek, modern lines with high quality, extremely functional wooden study furniture. Its clean lines, solid construction and versatile features make light oak, and the Mobel Oak range a natural choice.

Mahogany Office Furniture

Thinking of mahogany office desks and furniture often conjures up mental images of imposing, very traditional desks more at home in the bank manager’s office than a personal working space. With the La Roque mahogany range, a classic looking, high quality collection we’ve taken that imposing feel and brought it up to date. The range is packed with up to date features and designed to meet the requirements of today’s home working spaces, whilst retaining the style and substance that mahogany furniture ranges often bring.

Walnut Office Furniture

Perhaps less well known as a material for office desks and furniture, walnut is considered the contemporary cousin to the more traditional mahogany. With a rich, dark and warm grain, our walnut office ranges offer a delightful blend of the modern and traditional. With modern features and a high quality, hardwearing wood, we have two ranges that look stunning in any setting. The Mayan Walnut is a beautiful and stylish collection, designed with sharp modern lines. The art-deco inspired Shiro Walnut has a more artistic feel, with curved edges and interesting design features.

Painted or Reclaimed Office Wood Furniture

The last (but certainly not least) of our options is painted or reclaimed wood. Representing a more unusual choice, recycled or reclaimed wooden furniture is an interesting alternative to the regular choices available. More colourful and less predictable than more standard woods, our Urban Chic reclaimed furniture is a real talking point. With an industrial feel, metal framework and rough, reclaimed wood, it makes a real statement for a modern office.

Step Two: Start with a real wooden desk - the heart of your office space

Typically at the heart of any working office or study is a solid wood desk where the most time is spent and business done during any working day. Depending on the amount of space you have available, there is a host of matching items you might consider to get the most from your working environment.

At the Wooden Furniture Store we have several types of desk, from single pedestal desks for small spaces, to twin pedestal and large computer desks with built in filing and storage. A popular choice for a smaller office is our ranges of hidden or concealed workstations, where all the inner workings are cleverly hidden away from sight when closed, but the hidden desks reveal a host of smart storage and other features – perfect where space is at a premium. A more recent addition to our ranges are desks designed for laptops. Generally slimmer these desks have a small footprint to reflect the more portable nature of a laptop as opposed to a desktop computer.

Step Three: Accessories, storage and more

A great desk is only the start; most offices need more storage than that and so all our ranges have matching wooden filing cabinets to help keep everything neatly filed. The two drawer filing cabinets are designed to compliment the respective desk in the range, and as they are constructed to the same height, they can be used to extend the working surface of the desk. Both the two and three drawer cabinets have foolscap hanging filing storage. For those important books, files and folders, office bookcases are a popular addition to the home study, available in low, narrow, tall options, some with drawers and storage built in. For further storage space our mounted oak wall shelves offer a neat office storage solution for smaller items. And finally, to keep unsightly cables and printers out of sight, a printer cupboard is perfect for complimenting the look and organisation of your perfect personal office.

Step Four: Order your furniture today, delivered in no time

You can have the perfect furniture in next to no time; delivered directly to your home by our delivery experts with care and consideration. They'll take your new furniture into the ground floor room of your choice, so why not order online now and take receipt of your new desk within 10 working days (for in-stock items).

Step Five: Looking for more inspiration on how to choose the perfect home office furniture?

We’ve got plenty of ways to help you get started. Over on our blog we have several articles suggesting many work from home ideas, as well as a recent article on how to choose the perfect home office furniture – a must read for anyone looking for ideas, tips and inspiration.

Don’t forget that we’re here to help – our specialists can advise and offer recommendations; which material, layouts or office storage will be best suited for you. Chat to us now and we’ll be pleased to help you choose what's best for you. The quickest way to get in touch is via the orange icon in the bottom right of each page. And our motto here at the Wooden Furniture Store? Work smarter, not harder!