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Discover our exquisite range of home office desks and furniture, designed to create the ideal workspace in your home. From classic wooden desks to modern office solutions, find everything you need to work comfortably and efficiently.

Computer Desks & Workstations
Computer Desks

Make working from home more productive than ever

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Laptop Tables and Desks
Laptop Tables

For smaller spaces, a portable laptop table makes any space work ready

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Hideaway and Hidden Computer Desks
Hideaway Desks

To keep your home working space clutter free, why not consider a hideaway desk

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Office Bookcases
Office Bookcases

An office bookcase provides all the storage you'll need for your home office space

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Filing Cabinets
Filing Cabinets

Keep your paperwork organized with a practical wooden filing cabinet

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Office Chairs
Office Chairs

Comfort and practicality are key to a productive home work environment

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Our Home Office Collections by Range

Working from home is part of our lives now and given the amount of time spent working outside of a formal office environment, you'll need to have the best home office furniture. All our ranges come with matching desks, bookcases, chairs and filing cabinets so you can easily complete your ideal home working space and be more productive than ever.

Quality Home Office Furniture Solutions

In addition to the wide range of home office furniture collections in different materials and styles, there's other great reasons to buy from the Wooden Furniture Store. Our five year warranties, quick and easy delivery, no-fuss returns policy and most importantly, our high quality home office furniture pieces that last a lifetime

Oslo Laptop Table
Oslo Laptop Table

Five Year Warranty

Many of our ranges come with an extended warranty period which means peace of mind and home office furniture that lasts

Trinity Desk with Drawer

Quality that lasts

Our Hone Office Furniture solutions are built to last. Made from solid wood, these durable items will provide years of use

Trinity Desk with Drawer
Our customers say...

Good quality product, nice blonde colour oak, plenty of space for shoes and ankle boots. Also bought the tall cabinets for my boots. Good service, friendly delivery driver, arrived within a couple of days. No complaints at all, would order again!

Mobel Oak Large Shoe Cupboard - Reviewed: Ian Nolan

Explore Our Versatile Home Office Desk Collections

Browse our diverse selection of home office desks, each thoughtfully designed to cater to various styles and needs. Whether you're an entrepreneur working from home or a creative seeking a space for inspiration, our range offers the perfect blend of functionality and design. Choose from sleek, modern designs that fit seamlessly into contemporary spaces or traditional wooden desks that add a touch of timeless elegance to your home office. Our desks are not just furniture pieces; they are productivity enhancers, designed to help you work more efficiently and comfortably. With options for every taste and room size, you're sure to find the ideal desk to anchor your workspace.

Wooden Desks: A Touch of Elegance and Durability

Our wooden desks are a testament to the beauty and resilience of natural materials. Each desk is crafted from selected high-quality woods, offering a range of colors and grain patterns to suit your personal style and office decor. Oak, with its durable and attractive grain, provides a sturdy surface for your daily tasks. Walnut, known for its rich and inviting hue, adds a luxurious touch to any space. Mahogany, with its classic appeal, brings a sense of grandeur and tradition. These wooden desks aren't just durable; they age gracefully, developing character over time and becoming a centerpiece of your home office that tells a story of productivity and style.

Office Desks for Home: Find Your Perfect Match

Selecting the right office desk for your home is about more than just aesthetics; it's about finding a match that resonates with your work style and enhances your productivity. Our collection includes a variety of desk types to suit every function and preference. From spacious L-shaped desks that provide ample room for multitasking to minimalist designs that fit neatly into small nooks, we have options to suit every need. Consider a desk with built-in storage to keep your workspace tidy or a height-adjustable desk to promote a healthier work posture. With our extensive range, you're not just buying a desk; you're creating a personalized work sanctuary.

Enhance Your Productivity with Solid Wood Desks

Solid wood desks are the cornerstone of a dedicated workspace, offering not just a surface for your computer and documents but a steady and inspiring foundation for your ideas and projects. The natural beauty of solid wood brings warmth and character to your home office, creating an environment where focus and creativity flourish. Our solid wood desks are built to last, withstanding the wear and tear of daily use while maintaining their elegant appearance. Choose from a variety of wood types and finishes to match your office decor and personal style. With a solid wood desk, you're investing in a piece of furniture that will serve you for years, adapting to your evolving work life and needs.

Wooden Desks with Drawers: Organise in Style

Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free with our wooden desks with drawers. These desks combine the natural beauty and durability of wood with practical storage solutions. Drawers provide discreet and convenient storage for your documents, office supplies, and personal items, helping you maintain a clean and productive workspace. Whether you prefer a desk with a single drawer for essentials or a larger desk with multiple compartments for extensive storage, our range has something to suit your needs. The smooth glide and sturdy construction of the drawers ensure they are a pleasure to use daily, making organization an effortless part of your work routine.

Why Choose Our Home Office Furniture?

Choosing our home office furniture means investing in quality, style, and comfort. We understand that your home office is more than just a place to work; it's a space where you spend significant hours and make important decisions. That's why we're committed to providing furniture that meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. Our furniture is designed with your needs in mind, from ergonomic features that enhance comfort to versatile styles that adapt to your changing preferences. With our furniture, you're not just setting up an office; you're creating an environment that inspires productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Customer Testimonials: Satisfaction Speaks Volumes

Don't just take our word for it; see what our satisfied customers had to say about their experiences. Our customer testimonials reflect the quality and service we're known for. From the moment they chose their perfect desk to the day it became a central part of their daily work, our customers have stories to tell. They speak of the durability and beauty of our furniture, the ease of ordering and delivery, and the transformative effect on their work and productivity. These testimonials aren't just reviews; they're stories of how the right furniture can create the perfect work environment and enhance the quality of work life.

Order Your Ideal Home Office Furniture Today

Why wait to create your perfect home office? With our efficient ordering and delivery process, your dream workspace could be just a few clicks away. Browse our collection, select your ideal pieces, and let us take care of the rest. Our delivery team is committed to ensuring your furniture arrives promptly and in perfect condition, ready to be a part of your daily work life. Don't settle for a makeshift workspace; elevate your home office with furniture that reflects your style and meets your needs. Order today and take the first step towards a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

Get Inspired: Tips and Trends for Your Home Office

Looking for inspiration to design your home office? Our blog is a treasure trove of ideas, tips, and trends to help you create a workspace that's both functional and stylish. Discover the latest in home office design, from furniture trends to organizational hacks. Learn how to choose the right desk, chair, and accessories for your space and needs. Whether you're setting up a new home office or revamping an existing one, our blog has the insights and inspiration you need to make it a success. Explore our articles and let your imagination take the lead in creating a home office that's uniquely yours.

Home Office Furniture FAQs: Customers often ask

What size desk do I need for my home office?

The size of the desk you need depends on the available space in your home office and how you plan to use it. Generally, a desk width of 48 to 60 inches is suitable for most tasks. If you have multiple monitors or need space for paperwork, consider a larger desk. Measure your space and consider how much surface area you'll need for your activities before making a decision.

How do I choose the right material for my home office desk?

The material of your desk should reflect your style, budget, and durability needs. Wooden desks offer a classic look and are very durable, while metal desks can provide a more modern aesthetic and are typically lighter. Consider factors like the room's decor, your personal style, and how long you want the desk to last when choosing the material.

What features should I look for in a home office desk?

Look for features that enhance functionality and comfort. These might include built-in storage, cable management systems, adjustable height settings, and ergonomic design features. Consider what's essential for your workflow, such as drawer space for supplies or a large surface area for multiple monitors.

How important is ergonomics when selecting a home office desk?

Ergonomics is crucial for comfort and productivity. An ergonomically designed desk can help prevent strain and fatigue. Look for a desk that allows you to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground and your arms at a 90-degree angle when typing. Adjustable height desks can also be beneficial to switch between sitting and standing.

Can I fit a home office desk in a small space?

Yes, there are many compact desk designs available that are suitable for small spaces. Corner desks, floating desks, and fold-down desks can provide a workspace without taking up too much room. Measure your space and look for desks designed to maximize small areas.

How do I maintain and care for my wooden home office desk?

To maintain your wooden desk, dust it regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals and clean up spills immediately to prevent stains. You can also use coasters or desk pads to protect the surface from scratches and wear.

What is the ideal height for a home office desk?

The ideal desk height is generally around 28 to 30 inches from the floor to the top of the desk. However, this can vary based on your height and ergonomic needs. If possible, choose an adjustable desk so you can customize the height to fit your body comfortably.

How can I personalize my home office desk to boost productivity?

Personalize your desk with accessories that help you stay organized and inspired. This might include a desk organizer, a comfortable chair, task lighting, plants, or artwork. Arrange your desk in a way that keeps essential items within easy reach and minimizes clutter.