At the Wooden Furniture Store we're proud to be named one of the first 'Baumhaus Safe' tier one retailers, which means you can purchase products from the Baumhaus range at the best price, with the best possible service, with 100% confidence.


Officially backed by Baumhaus

The stamp above is official recognition that the Wooden Furniture Store are classified as a tier one partner, giving extra confidence to our customers. The Baumhaus Safe stamp is an insurance policy that ensures that your purchase from the Wooden Furniture Store is underwritten by Baumhaus (the manufacturer) who will guarantee the sales transaction in full between us and the end customer. This ensures that the end customer (you!) will receive the order placed in full in the unlikely event any unforeseen circumstance arise with us, the retailer. 'Baumhaus Safe' is offered to strictly 'Tier 1' customers only.

Buy with complete confidence

This means you can purchase Baumhaus Furniture from us with 100% confidence:

  • Your purchase from the Wooden Furniture Store is underwritten by Baumhaus
  • This means your purchase is secure should anything untoward happen to us or your order before you take receipt of your new furniture
  • We offer a 5 year product warranty on Baumhaus items
  • We’ve been recognised for excellent customer service and product knowledge

This Baumhaus safe purchase guarantee applies to official stockists only, and the following ranges. Mobel Oak, Urban Chic, Signature Grey, Mayan Walnut, Shiro Walnut, La Roque Mahogany, Urban Elegance, Coastal Chic

Don't be tempted by cheaper retailers...

Although Baumhaus do supply other retailers only a 'Baumhaus Safe' certified retailer such as the Wooden Furniture Store can guarantee that your order will be delivered in full and all purchases made through our website can be made with 100% confidence.

Less reputable, reliable firms who stock these products at reduced prices often do so and sacrifice quality and service, making the purchase risky. Sadly a recent example of this was a company (a former Baumhaus stockist) who went into administration, leaving their customers without the  furniture they had paid for.

So if you’ve seen Baumhaus products elsewhere, or at a lower price, we say ‘don’t be tempted!’ Instead, purchase from the Wooden Furniture Store as an official Baumhaus supplier.