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Laptop Tables and Desks for smaller spaces

Whether you’ve moved your work from office to home or just need a place to web browse, pay bills and read emails, you’ll be more productive with a well designed home office desk. But what if you don’t have the room for an actual home office? We’ve the perfect solution with our range of small desks and laptop style desks that are specifically designed for smaller spaces and will look great in a living room or bedroom. Be inspired with our great, small space solutions, from desks that include the latest “smart” technology to statement glass top designs.

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Laptop Tables and Desks

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Laptop Tables and Desks to suit any home office working space

Looking for small desk ideas? We get that for most people working from home, the reality is not a large room dedicated solely to getting stuff done, it’s a small desk and a spare dining room chair in the corner of the living room. But just because space is in short supply, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an inspiring home office with the perfectly designed desk. As more of us look to adopt flexible working patterns and change our working environments, it’s never been more important to have a place in the home where we can focus and feel more comfortable.

Laptop tables can be a practical addition to any small working space - no more balancing your laptop in your knees with our stylish designs! Modern laptop tables and desks are designed to ensure that your expensive equipment is kept secure and they are the perfect ergonomic height for working comfortably all day. The slimline shape of the Vienna range features distinctive V designs at the back and although they are slimline, they are big enough to accommodate a laptop and leave enough space for notebooks and filing.

Portable Desks designed to fit around you

Guest bedrooms are a great place for a small desk, as they are frequented less often. You could add a stylish desk and sleek chair that won’t be obtrusive should you have guests come to stay. Making the desk double as a dressing table to make it a usable furniture piece with a bedroom purpose too - just add a freestanding mirror. Check out our stylish Signature Grey and reclaimed Urban Elegance desks that won’t look out of place in any bedroom.

If you want a small home office space to be unobtrusive, a glass desk is a great option that will seemingly disappear when not in use. Our range of Curve desks may only be 90cm wide but they are specifically designed to inspire tidiness and have three working areas to maximise available space. The desk features a raised glass monitor shelf to ensure that the screen is at eye level and for comfort, the desk also has a pull out keyboard tray located just under the main desktop which gives an extra 24cm of working space.

Laptop Desks and Tables with built in smart technology

Plenty of desks incorporate storage but in a small space you will want to find a slimline design that doesn’t dominate the space. Go for a console design with shallow drawers under the table top - just like our Urban and Coastal Chic laptop desk that are both made from reclaimed wood sourced from Southern India. Combining elegant Scandinavian style with its angled legs and smooth curved lines, the San Francisco range of laptop desks are packed with the very latest technology. The desks feature Bluetooth compatible speakers, convenient QI wireless charging, two USB ports and an AUX port, so whether you’re listening to music while you work, or charging your phone, this desk is perfect for today’s modern home.

Whatever size your space, your perfect small home office desk is waiting....