Charlie Luxton

Born in Australia, Charlie Luxton moved to England when he was 10 years old. He is best known for presenting architecture-related shows including Build A New Life In The Country, The Great Treehouse Challenge, Homes By The Sea and Building The Dream.

Charlie Luxton

He has a thriving design and architecture practice and collaborates with Toh Shimazaki Architecture. Charlie isn't someone who's interested in making loud visual statements for the sake of it, he’s more interested in creating buildings that consume very little energy, that are made using local materials and which aren't anomalous in their location. He is also passionate about the environment and has supported eco-friendly projects in his local area including creating a carpool, fitting solar panels onto the roof of the local school and green-furbishing thirty houses.

Charlie is married and has two children.

So, why is he a #Houseproud hero?

He practices what he preaches – his own home has rainwater harvesting, a wood pellet boiler system, solar thermal panels and wood waste insulation. His passion for adopting an ethical approach to modern living is clear; He says: 

“People don't want to live in Noddy boxes any more. I think it's in everyone's interest to build their own house. You will stimulate local communities and the economic benefits will be felt by lots of local people, rather than profits going into the pockets of the big developers and lucky landowners. I think if councils make land available to people so they can actually afford to build their own homes, then self-build is potentially a huge driver of change in this country.”

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