Isobel McKenzie Price

Isobel McKenzie-Price is the Editorial Director of some of the biggest UK homes magazines. Isobel started her journalistic career as a junior on a fashion magazine and has worked her way up to become an award-winning editor.

Isobel McKenzie Price

The founding editor of award-winning US women's magazine All You, she now occupies the role of editorial director at Britain's best-selling homes magazine - Ideal Home as well as Homes and Gardens and Living etc and also overseas Time Inc UK’s online homes network including their decorating portal HousetoHome

Homes editorial and on-line content have never been more important to consumers as although people may not be moving, their love affair with their homes definitely isn't over. There has been a shift in attitudes - home renovation isn't about sweating your property assets in a constant "buy/sell/trade-up" cycle any more. Now it's about creating a comfort zone where you can escape from the world and enjoy quality downtime. Isobel says “There's massive growth in entertaining at home, so being able to impress your guests is essential - everyone wants to create a home with the "wow" factor. That's where magazines and on-line content come in - there's a fine line between "wow, that's amazing!" and "what were they thinking?!" When people are spending precious cash to personalise their space, they want to get it right and they look to trusted heritage brands such as Ideal Home to show them how to do it professionally”.

Time Inc UK home brands are multimedia properties - HousetoHome is one of the biggest homes content sites in the UK. The homes network has almost one million unique users and 10 million impressions each month and incorporates all seven homes magazines - an unmatchable content offering. Isobel says “Magazines and web are a great combination – print is a pure tactile luxury, while online is brilliant at offering a breadth of choice when you’re looking for personalised info, right here, right now.” Consumers can connect with the brands via mobile, social media including Facebook (Ideal Home has 3 million likes alone!) and Twitter and newsletters. IPC’s print home titles sell over 600,000 copies each month and have a readership of almost 3 million.

So, why is she a #Houseproud hero?

Consumers now want their home content delivered now and when they want it - online, on paper and on mobile. Each medium has to be excellent, innovative and fresh and no one understands that better than Isobel. The content that she overseas leads the way and inspires readers with real, relevant and achievable ideas. She says

“People love Ideal Home’s democratic approach to home design. We’re not the Style Police making judgements about our readers’ style, taste or budgets – we just showcase the best ideas, best new products, best homes, and let people create their own unique mix. We think creating a home should fun, and creative, and that’s how we want our readers to feel when they flick though our beautiful, contemporary pages.”

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