Phil Spencer

Phil was born and brought up on his parent’s farm in Littlebourne, Kent. Having studied as a surveyor in the early 1990’s, he decided that the housing market was heavily biased towards the sellers and saw an opportunity to set himself up as a home finder.

Phil Spencer

He founded property search company Harrington Home Finders Ltd and describes himself as not the first to see the opportunity “but I was probably the second or third and Kirsty Allsopp was the fourth”. Today, Phil is best known as the co-presenter for Channel 4 property shows including Location, Location, Location, Relocation, Relocation and Love It Or List It alongside Kirstie Allsopp. He remains an active property investor and landlord, is a director and shareholder of Raise The Roof Productions and an Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Phil and Kirstie have an amazing on screen “marriage”. He says “I couldn't do it without her, as it wouldn't be the same, we bring very different things to it, but we like working together; it's more fun together.". Away from Kirstie, he filmed in Australia Relocation: Phil Down Under. He has a strong bond with Oz – travelling there on his gap year and his wife is Australian so they visit as much as possible. They dream of owning a house there... one day! By himself, he also presents Vacation, Vacation, Vacation and Phil Spencer Secret Agent.

Phil is a Patron several good causes and charities, including St Mungos and Agents Giving, both involved with homelessness. Ellenor, providing hospice care at home for children in Kent and a patron at Just Springers Rescue helping to re-home Springer Spaniels. A regular cricket player for the Lords Taverners, providing opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled children to enjoy playing sport. He’s also an Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages, Action Medical Research and Ellenor Children’s Hospice at Home.

When not doing property deals or giving his time to the many charities he's associated with, Phil loves nothing more than the familiar comforts of home life. Phil is a country lad through and through and is a keen supporter of field sports, ably supported by his spaniel called Jess. Last year he relocated his family from south-west London to a countrified pile in Hampshire. "I can walk the dog out the end of the garden into farmland and footpaths," he says with glee. "We've got chickens, sheep and ponies and we're about to get another puppy, so we're really happy.”

So, why is he a #Houseproud hero?

Phil’s passionate and extremely knowledgeable about property plus we love his on screen chemistry with his co-presenter Kirstie. He says

“Everyone wants a wonderful, happy home. Having the right house is central to our lives”

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