14 easy ideas to freshen up your home

14 easy ideas to freshen up your home

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

If you're anything like us, you spend far too much time pouring over Pinterest but sadly life gets in the way of making your own home look perfect.  Lack of money and time can mean you never quite get around to repainting, ordering a new carpet, or re-planning a bathroom.  However, while you wait, there are small things that you can do to cheer up your space, things that don't require an entire weekend of hard work or thousands of pounds.  Whether it's a tired sofa or an untidy hallway, here are our easy ideas to freshen up your home in no time.

Try some new bedding

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Bright, new bedding can do wonders for your personal space.  Play with a variety of fabrics in pillows, cushions and throws and make sure the fabrics share at least one common color to hold the look together.

Rotate your artwork

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Are your walls all cluttered with stagnant artwork?   Then it’s time for a change.  Why not separate art into summer and winter piles?  Hang the lighter, pastel colors for spring and summer, and put the oil paintings in storage.  Every six months, rotate your pieces, this way you enjoy your art and it’s a refresh that you can do in minutes.

Add a scent

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Scents have a profound effect on mood.  Infusing scent into your décor with diffusers, candles, or incense to change the overall feeling of a space

Buy some cushions

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Few things change the look of a living room as easily as a variety of interesting cushions. A tired sofa can be revived, a neglected armchair brought back into use or a plain bed given the hotel treatment.

Repaint your woodwork

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Show your door and window frames, along with your skirting boards some love and give them a fresh coat of paint with a gloss finish.  They will look brighter, smoother and newer, making your wall color stand out.

Reboot your coffee table

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Much of the art of creating a stylish home is about stopping to consider what you already have and how best to display it.   Don’t leave your most beautiful books tucked away on high shelves.  A pile of arty hardcover books on a coffee table can be an effective way of adding personality to a living space - just add some flowers and candles for the perfect finish.

Style your coat rack

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Is your hallway coat rack untidy muddle of hats, scarves, old winter coats and tatty cloth bags?  Take 10 minutes to strip them back to the basics.  Pack away or donate to charity anything that’s out of season or out of fashion and leaving just a few lovely things on display.

Hang your children's artwork

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If you have a wall that’s looking dull or bare and you have young children, there’s really no need to spend a fortune on limited editions.  Children's drawings are colorful and characterful and can look lovely displayed together.

Add some flowers

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Make it feel like spring inside no matter what it is doing outside!  Fresh cut flowers instantly brighten your home, making it colourful and inviting.  It is an easy way to introduce trendy colours that you don’t have to commit to forever.  You can change them out weekly to keep your look fresh

Space out your shelf displays

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It may be tempting to stuff your shelves full of books so you utilize every storage inch.  By reserving part of a shelf to display interesting objects, you not only create a sense of space in a room, you also turn what could have been a workaday piece of furniture into an eclectic style statement.

Tidy clutter from your home office

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Is your home office a mess of torn envelopes and half-forgotten bills?  Take a few minutes to tidy, clean and polish your desk.  If you don’t have a system, create one, assigning different drawers and trays for paperwork.  Gather stray pens together in an old can or a favorite mug if nothing else is at hand.

Paint interior doors

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Add life to your hallways and rooms by giving your doors a fresh coat of paint.  There's no need to save this look for your front door, a bright hue is an unexpected and artistic way to add personality to your room.

Easy bathroom update

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You can brighten up your bathroom with new towels.  For a fresh look, choose something light and bright - anything from white to vibrant yellow will do!  Not only will your bathroom look great, you'll feel great using them!

An instant no-cost idea

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"Shop" at home and pull pieces from one room into another for a fresh look!

We’d love to know how you freshen up your home.  Do you have a useful tip to share – we’d love to hear them!