9 stylish ways to store shoes

9 stylish ways to store shoes

Posted by Clare on Sep 18, 2023

Here at the Wooden Furniture Store, we have too many shoes and not enough places to store them all. Whether your footwear is kept by the front door, under the bed, or at the bottom of the wardrobe, shoes often revert into a jumbled mess of odd ones and tangled laces. But not for much longer!

Stylish ways to store shoes
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We've taken our inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw's small shoe cupboard and trawled Pinterest to come up with some stylish ways to store shoes, whatever your budget, available space, and even shoe size.

Show them off

Stylish shoe storage
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Some shoes are just too pretty to hide away. If you're proud of your shoe collection, then why not treat your favourite pair like your Mum's best china and display them in a glazed cabinet? It will keep them dust-free, make them easy to find, and make a great statement for any room.

Add some decorative crown molding

Stylish ways to store shoes
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Go for a unique statement look by fixing some decorative crown molding on the walls in your bedroom or wardrobe to hang up high heels. Paint the molding in a contrasting color to make the most of the feature. Storing shoes high up is an instant space saver - just make sure that they are clean so that they don't mark the wall!

Storage cupboards

Shoe Storage Cabinet

With its striking recycled wood and quirky iron legs, our shoe storage cabinet would look equally at home in a hallway or bedroom. The cupboard has space for twelve pairs of shoes and also includes a handy storage drawer. The top of the shoe cupboard can also be utilized for decorative pieces, artwork, or even a collection of perfume bottles.

Tall wooden shoe rack

The tall, narrow space of our tall wooden shoe rack is just the right size for storing shoes in a limited space. It can hold 16 pairs of shoes across seven shelves and even has an adjustable shelf especially designed for storing boots.

Maximise the space

stylish shoe storage

Image from whoismocca.com

We love the versatility of wall-mounted shelves. Anywhere you have a little extra wall space, you can hang your shelves and proudly display your shoes. A handy extra storage tip is to have one shoe facing forward and the other backward; you can see the style and heel height at a glance and maximise your available space.

Display on the stairs

stylish ways to store shoes
Image from megbiram.com

If you have long and wide stairs and a gorgeous shoe collection, why not display shoes on each step? Stacking one pair per stair can look really neat and stylish.

DIY wire grid

Smart shoe storage ideas

Image from burkatron.com

Throwing shoes into the bottom of the wardrobe will not only make them difficult to find, but it can also damage them. Instead, stack shoes neatly on a wire rack. The racks are available in different sizes depending on how much of a shoe addict you are and they can be kept out on display or hidden away in a cupboard or behind a door. It's a minimal and functional idea that will work best for heels.

Treat your shoes like a piece of art

Stylish shoe storage ideas
Image from Lonny.com

Not strictly a storage idea but it would be a shame to hide your favourite heels out of sight. Instead, display them proudly and make a feature of their beauty!

Store them in boxes

Stylish ways to store shoes
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Stack shoes that you don’t wear that often out of the way in boxes. Printing out a photo of your shoes and stick it to the front of the shoebox so that you can clearly see which pair is in which box. Storing your shoes in boxes will not only help you have a more organized wardrobe but help keep them in pristine condition.

We'd love to know the stylish way you store your shoes. Which of our shoe storage ideas are your favourite?