5 reasons why every home needs a console table

A console table is one of those “didn’t know I need it” pieces of furniture.   They are perfect for hallways but here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we don’t think that they should be confined to just one room!  These clever, slim-line pieces, fit into narrow spaces such as corridors and can be placed against the wall, behind a sofa in a larger living space and even double as a desk in a home office.  Their unique talent is to add an extra surface for a table lamp, or vase of flowers plus offer a little bit of hidden storage.  Take a look at why we think every home needs a console table.

Perfect for the hallway

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A console table is perfect piece of furniture for a hallway, as they tend to be small and narrow spaces.  They are the ideal spot to set the tone for your home and add style you can enjoy, the second you walk through the door.  They’re not only practical – a place for the post, keys etc, but in the case of long hallway, can help create a focal point.  It also means you get to faff around and add some personality and visual interest.  In short, they make your halls look more appealing and more like a room than a neglected space.  We think that the best decorated console tables include a thoughtful selection of interesting accessories such as a statement mirror, a unique sculpture or an eye-catching floral display.

Breaking up the space in a large living room

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In an open-plan living space, a room divider is the ultimate solution to creating the illusion of two distinctive area.   Position a console table behind a sofa that “floats” in the middle of a room and you’ll have a spot for lamps to illuminate the seating space and create a visual divide, plus plenty of storage and a surface for placing drinks.

In the dining room as a bar

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Who needs a built-in bar when you can get the same effect with a console table?  With room to showcase glasswear and your liquor collection, this type of table would be great addition to any dining room. Lacquer trays could be added to protect the top from spills, plus they’re easy to wipe down and tote around. Arranging your happy hour essentials — glasses, stirrers and cocktail napkins and your console table is ready to party!

Working but no home office?

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Even the smallest of spaces can be useful with the help of a console table.  Use a slim console to doubles up as a reduced-sized desk, creating an office space where there was none. Place it in an alcove and fit shelves above for a compact study space.

In the bedroom

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Turn a console table into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it and tucking a stool or chic chair underneath. Don’t forget a light source, like a delicate table lamp, to turn this pretty spot into an instant make up area.

Small living space?

5 reasons why every home needs a console tableImage from athomedec.blogspot.co.uk

Push a console table up against the wall to double as a side table or shelf.  Add cosy items like linens and lanterns, and you’ll feel snug the moment you walk through the door. From books to blankets, a two-story console table will give you room to divide up your collectables and comforts.

So are you looking for a useful little piece of furniture that adds extra style and storage in which ever room you need it?  Take a look at our collection of console tables for some inspiration.