5 retro interior trends making a comeback for 2018

5 retro interior trends making a comeback for 2018

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

Every so often, a trend will come back around which surprises interior experts and homeowners alike.  From decades that were thought to be long gone, retro interior styles have a habit of reappearing.  Many interior design enthusiasts like to draw inspiration from past decades and inject a touch of retro culture into their homes.  So what retro interior trends are making a comeback for 2018 and how can you apply them in your home for a modern spin on decades past?

Pattern carpet and rugs

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What did people put on their floors in the 1970's? For many, pattern carpets were a luxury which they could aspire to - from from bold primary colours, to random abstract patterns that drew inspiration from the modern art scene of the 50s.  The bright colors and crazy patterns fitted perfectly with the simplicity of the clean lines of furniture at the time.

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If the memories of swirling patterns of your Nan’s hallway fills you with horror, think again.  Although this trend isn't one for the faint-hearted, it’s certainly a way to make a serious style statement and the latest designs are much easier on the eye!  If the idea of a whole room overwhelms you, a rug is the perfect place to start.

Floral upholstery and wallpaper

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An abundance of everything was the cornerstone of 80’s decorating which included ruffles, wall stickers, primary colours and of course floral!  As this image proves there was no such thing as too much floral - it covered everything from wall paper to lamp shades.

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The trend is back for 2018, floral wallpaper is all over Pinterest but with a new contemporary twist.  Gone are the days of intricate pastel floral, we are now seeing giant over sized floral murals, bold graphics and strong colours in this trend revival.   The key to this style update is that the florals are hand drawn, painted or an abstract design, in punchy pastels or high contrast primary colours.


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Terrazzo was invented in 15th-century in Venice as a way of using up marble remnants.  It's been in use ever since as an extremely durable surface and is commonly associated with schools, metro stations and 1970's office buildings.  It's composed of chips of marble, granite, quartz and glass suspended in a cement and was used to create intricate, mosaic-like designs.

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Let your home get speckled with terrazzo for 2018.  It's an alternative to other more-commonly available hard flooring finishes, warmer than marble, more interesting than polished concrete and more minimal than tiles and it looks oh so cool and modern mixed into your furniture and decor.

Rattan furniture

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The art of constructing furniture from rattan and bamboo goes back to the days of tribal wicker weaving.  It was the 70’s that took this trend to heart and it is hard to find a material that evokes the era more.  What else could create that classic 70's curvy shape?

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No longer confined to languishing in the conservatory, rattan furniture is back and a totally acceptable addition to the living or dining room.  The rattan chair and settee are a classic staples that works with almost every design style and add a relaxed natural element to any room.  Add a rattan chair to soften a formal sitting room, cover with furs or throws for a soft finish, especially if you are styling a Scandi style room.

Warm, rich yellow

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Four decades ago, homes had more than a mere "pop" of yellow or "accent" of orange.  The rooms of the 1970s were rainbow explosion of bold geometric designs incorporating that rich, warm tones.

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Sick of all-white interiors? So is everyone else, that's why more colour, and bolder colour, is on the horizon, with camel, rust, tobacco as especially harvest yellow, expected to edge out cooler neutrals in the coming year.  These colours are rich, moody and work well in home environments where you want a soothing and diverse mix of colours and textures.  Even the leading color authority—Pantone—agrees that golds, yellows and warm tones will shine in 2018.

Have you recently got back in touch with an old trend?  Let us know your ideas for retro interior inspiration - we'd love to hear from you.