7 easy and stylish DIY projects for your home

A lick of paint

There’s no easier way of giving your home a refresh that with a splash of paint but it doesn’t have to be all about the walls!

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Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to re-purpose old furniture.  Brighten up your kitchen by painting stools or dining chairs.  Create contrast by mix two different bold colours and you’ll end up with a customized piece of furniture exuding eye-catching style.

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A part of the home often overlooked, the staircase can be a great place to experiment with.  Painting underneath each step is a playful way to decorate and can really open up a dimly lit space and make a real feature.

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A cheery front door colour will make a lasting impression on guests.  Dress the door with new letterbox, number and add a welcome mat and potted plants near the entrance.

Create a terrarium

Terrariums are the hottest way to display your indoor plants and not only add a dynamic element to a room, but also create a tiny eco-system you can enjoy close up.

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The best part about making your own terrarium is that the sky is the limit for how it can look.  All you need to make your own is a see through glass vase (the more unusual the shape the better), some soil and an abundance of your favourite and most colourful greenery.  Inhabit.com have a handy step by step guide.

Turn your photos into art

Don’t let personal photos languish in albums, on your hard drive or phone.  Create a tribute to friends and family with a gallery of photos gathered together on one wall.

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It’s not a place to be formal, so mix up the sizes and print the photos with a white border to harmonise the look. Print in timeless black and white and frame them all in black for maximum impact.

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There are so many ways you can fill a wall – just a little creativity and you can have amazing displays tailored just for you and your family.

Make a new headboard

There are so many DIY headboard project ideas on Pinterest which show you how to make one from items such as wallpaper, fabric, wood, old shutters, and ceiling panels. Creating a DIY headboard gives some extra personality to your bedroom and you can tailor the style of the headboard to your bedroom theme.  Which one will you be making?

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This project takes inspiration from high end stores and interior magazines.  It is such a fun challenge and don’t let the finished look fool you – it’s much easier than it seems.

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Create an eye catching rustic wood headboard from pallets.

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This stylish headboard is made out of rubber door mats!

Make a new window treatment

Do you have a window that’s desperate for a spruce up?  Unlike curtains, Roman blinds create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and allow only the desired amount of light into a room.  If you make your own, not only do you get a customised look but you don’t require a lot of special equipment.

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Has the blind in your kitchen been stained by splashes?  How about replacing it with a Roman blind and you’ll see your kitchen in a whole new light.

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We love the pompom embellishment on these blinds that would look adorable in a nursery room.

DIY tipsImage from housetohome.com

This pretty fabric has been used by Ideal Home magazine to perfectly complement this dining room.  They have created a useful a step by step guide to create a fabulous Roman blind.

Add a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls have become the trend in today’s interiors and really make a statement to you home.  They are easy to do yourself and you can draw anything you like on them – every day you can have a different fabulous design!  Chalkboard wall paint is easy to apply and can be very versatile.  Here are some ideas.

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Blackboard paint makes a great alternative to a kitchen noticeboard or can provide a space for the kids to get creative in, without worrying about cleaning up a lot of mess.

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We love the idea of this wall being turned into a family station with magnetic chalkboard paint!

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A blackboard wall is a brilliant addition to a home office too.  Here’s a link to another great step by step guide.

Make a candle

Candle making might seem a little intimidating but it’s actually easier than you’d expect to create your own custom scented candles.  Whether you like elegant floral scents or modern citrus fragrances, here are some ideas that will have you creating the perfect custom candle.

DIY tipsImage from theperfectdiy.com

Making candles in teacups is a brilliant way to re-purpose mismatched vintage styles and create beautiful handmade gifts.

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Grab some lavender and chocolate mint from your garden and use them to make some beautiful candles to remind you of that fresh garden smell all year round.

We’d love to know your ideas DIY projects for this bank holiday weekend.  If you are looking for more inspiration, pinterest in a great place to start.