7 furniture ideas to stylishly banish the clutter

7 furniture ideas to stylishly banish the clutter

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

In your home does the kitchen attract piles of post, your home office attract endless piles of bills and have the weekend's newspapers become a permanent fixture on your living room floor?  Does the mere mention of tidying and organising your home sound exhausting?  At The Wooden Furniture Store, we have the smartest and most stylish furniture ideas for banishing the clutter in your home. Here are our top seven picks to give your home an overhaul.

Home office ideas

Is your home office floor covered with wires?  Do you find it hard to find your stapler?  And does your filing consist of a pile of papers on the floor?  A home office is prone to clutter, when deadlines are looming and you have a million things to do, tidying is the last thing on your mind.  Make your home office more organised, pleasant and effective with these two pieces of recommended furniture.

Mayan Walnut hide away home office

Home office - clear the clutter

Tidy desk, tidy mind - that's how the saying goes.  Clear the clutter and make make way for this perfectly organised workspace, with this desk from our Mayan Walnut range.  Plenty of storage and practicality are key in this neat hidden home office.  The desk includes extra space with an innovative pull out keyboard drawer and three pre-drilled cable holes.  The best part?  When you're done for the day, just close it up and the desk is transformed it into a stylish piece of furniture in its own right.

Curve three drawer filing cabinet

Clutter free home idea

It's easy to let papers pile up in your home office.  Get control of the clutter before it takes over your office space and invest in a filing cabinet can be a great way to free up some space.  The Curved walnut three drawer filing cabinet has lockable castors which means that you can move it around and it has a sleek contemporary shape.

Storage for the living room

Whoever said the phrase "A place for everything and everything in its place" was definitely on to something!  It's one of the best, most practical statements ever.  If everything has a home, it's so much easier to put stuff away - especially in the living room.  One of the best ways to keep an organised and tidy living room is to make use of furniture with some hidden storage. Whether it's a coffee table that opens up to store magazines or a lamp table with drawers, make sure every piece of furniture in your living room works extra hard to help you clear clutter.  Here are three suggestions.

Olten Oak display cabinet

Declutter your home

Storage doesn’t just need to be functional, you could use it to give your room a whole new focal point. A display cabinet filled with books, framed family photographs and much-loved home accessories will create a striking feature that is unique to your room.  The Olten Oak tall display cabinet combines hidden storage with glass shelving and it also has subtle LED lighting - perfect for highlighting your treasures and keeping clutter out of sight.

Urban Chic large open bookcase

Clutter free home

Books can be one of the life's great pleasures but does the disarray of your shelves send you into despair?  Whether used solely for books or to display a mix of objects, the Urban Chic large open bookcase guarantees a striking “shelfscape.”  This stylish shelving unit has a dark metal outer frame which complements the beautifully crafted reclaimed wood that’s been used for the bookcase.

Mobel Oak media storage cupboard

Clutter free home

How up to date is your media collection?  It's time to have a purge and create a new home for CD's and DVD's in this stylish and practical Mobel Oak storage cupboard.  It holds an impressive 190 CD's or 125 DVD's behind the double doors.

Hallway storage

The hallway can quickly become a dumping ground for post, wellies and soggy umbrellas.  Unruly shoes can be a big contribution to a messy hallway, so tidy your space with our clever shoe storage furniture.

Shiro Walnut tall shoe cupboard

Clutter free home

Maximise your storage potential and give your hallway the wow factor with this tall Shiro Walnut shoe cupboard.  It's slim shape stores 16 pairs of shoes and there's a handy storage basket at the base.

Mobel Oak shoe bench

Clutter free home

If you're fortunate enough to have a good-sized hallway then a storage bench is a useful addition.  This Mobel Oak bench provides the perfect place to store hats, gloves, scarves and shoes, while the space on top offers a comfortable place to sit when you're pulling on your boots.

So these were just a few furniture ideas to help banish the clutter.  Which one do you think would work best in your home?