7 of the hottest interior trends for Autumn 2018

After a long hot summer, it won’t be long before we start to see a change in the season.  Here at the Wooden Furniture Store, we don’t want to wish the summer away but we can’t wait for September, it’s that time of year when the shiny new interior trends for the Autumn start appearing and to think of the TLC required for the flats and houses we’ve been neglecting all summer.  We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our our list of the seven hottest interior trends for Autumn 2018.

New age folk

7 of the hottest trends for Autumn 2018Image from selency.com

This trend takes inspiration from old traditions, motifs and objects with a move towards more conscious and folk-inspired handcrafted.  There’s a strong focus on the handmade, celebrating individual craftspeople and traditional time-honoured techniques and skills. From handcrafted furniture, hand-woven baskets, hand-carved spoons and ceramics. Having pieces that are irresistible to the touch is key too – things like tufted rugs, decorative quilts with raw edges and rattan lampshades to create interest visually whilst retaining a cosy feel to help us through those darker months. Earthy shades of clay, terracotta and ochre feature on global-inspired prints, also play a key role in this trend.

Mix and match kitchens

7 of the hottest interior trends for autumn 2018Image from honestlywtf.com

Design rules have been relaxed and kitchens are undergoing a charge.  No longer are they simply all about one style of units, a worktop and a splashback in a complementary colour.  We’re becoming more adventurous, mixing and matching hues, materials and finishes with abandon.   This new and exciting trend is all about mixing it up – different textures sat next to each other contrasting in both colour and touch.  This trend works in any style of kitchen, too, from a Shaker design to a slick, modern lacquer juxtaposed with reclaimed wood. There are no rigid rules, so feel free to play around to makes for an eye-catching space and one that is full of character,

Modern, natural wood

Roscoe Oak coffee table

This trend is all about going back to basics and using neutral wood tones as the basis of your interior design with a beautiful and simple look with the emphasis on natural-looking furniture. The new Roscoe Oak range focuses on stripped timbers, showcasing the wood grain and a returning to simple styling.  Integrated handles give each piece a sleek finish, while the soft, curved edges will add style to any space. Team this range with gently patterned crockery, soft grey chairs and a neutral block coloured textured rug to complete this calming trend.

True blue

7 of the hottest interior trends for autumn 2018Image from matthewwilliamson.com

Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors, but colour is set to be bolder this season.  There’s certainly a move towards being braver with colour choices – on both walls and furniture pieces, with brooding violet, and striking emerald green both key colours for 2018.  However, navy is the BIG colour for these coming seasons, gentle on the eye yet moody enough to be perfect for the winter months to add depth and comfort to a space.

Bright contrasting pattern

7 of the hottest trends for Autumn 2018Image from manuelcanovos.com

Playful and full of colour, the pattern trend is certainly an uplifting one. Look out for bold shades in different shapes – stripes, geometrical, spots, blocks and even florals.  Mix it all together and you’ll have this trend spot on. Its design DNA lies in its mix and match of bold colours and clean lines.  Running through it all is a confidence to clash not match. The only rule? Make it modern!

Adding some natural

7 of the hottest trends for Autun 2018Image from poppytalk.co.uk

Summer may have been the season of all things tropical but in autumn, natural elements and texture are still key towards creating an inviting and visually exciting atmosphere.  Perennial plants offer a fresh, natural take as decor and table centrepieces.  While green plants are always a fool-proof way to embrace an organic look, plants with red, brown and orange hues will lend a lovely, seasonal twist to your autumn display.

A touch of brass

7 of the hottest interior trends for Autumn 2018Image from designlovefest.com

The addition of luxe metallic touches is not new but the big difference this year is the choice of finish – think less copper and rose gold, more brass  We think it’s the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic colour palette. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room and perfectly accentuate the colour of the moment – navy.

With so many exciting, colourful ideas for interior trends for Autumn 2018, which one ignites your imagination?