7 tips on how to add a warm and welcoming feel to your hallway

7 tips on how to add a warm and welcoming feel to your hallway

Posted by Clare on Nov 03, 2019

Want to love walking through your front door?  Designing a hallway can be tricky business.  It's the first place guests see, so it needs to make an impact, it also needs to complement the decor of the rooms that lead off it and you also need to consider storage space too.  So whether you're planning a practical and stylish hallway or want to make a small space more useful, follow our 7 tips on how to add a warm and welcoming feel to your hallway.

Start with the flooring

Start with the hallway floor
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Good hallway flooring needs to stand up to the comings and goings of all the family (including, those with paws) and visitors. A low-maintenance, easy-to clean material is a must, as are a pattern and colour that won't show the first speck as soon as it's been vacuumed or mopped.  If you love the idea of tiles or warm wood remember to choose something that will stand the test of time and bear in mind that lighter colours will make your hallway feel larger and brighter and picking patterned flooring will hide dirt and marks better than plain flooring.

Hallway with graphic tile flooring
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Tiles in a graphic pattern look fresh and contemporary, adding instant impact to a hallway.

Patterned hallway tiles
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If the entrance to your home is quite compact, in terms of flooring, avoid using intricate patterns and look at large format tiles in a bold coloured pattern. This will create the illusion of a larger space and make the most of the natural light available.

Wooden hallway flooring
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This wood flooring adds smart elegance to traditional or modern hallway setting. Oak is a classic choice for parquet, but dark wood, such as walnut, will add depth to the space.

And on the stairs?

Hallway staircase
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The staircase is usually the first thing you see when you enter a house, so it’s worth taking the time to make it a real focal point.  Consider opting for an on trend brightly coloured stair runner.

painted stairs
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Or start by painting the treads to match your there woodwork, then choose a paint in a colour you love and buy tester pots in as many shades as you have stairs. Start with the darkest at the bottom and work your way up, using a lighter shade on each riser until you reach the top!

What about choosing a wall colour?

Bold hallway paint colours
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If you are craving more colour in your home, then hallways are the perfect spots to be brave.  Hallways are typically smaller spaces, so you can afford to add more colour as you're only passing through the space.

Use paint techniques
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Clever painting techniques can help make a narrow corridor or hallway seem bigger.  Use a lighter colour at the top of the wall, and halfway down – where a traditional dado rail goes – change to another colour.

Lighting ideas

Add LED lights
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There are many lighting tricks to make a hallway appear more exciting and feel far more spacious. Try layering of lights to creating the impression of space in your hallway. LED step lights can help by creating drama.  A useful trick is make light a feature at the end of the hallway - this will draw they eye down and creating the impression of space.

Add dramatic lighting
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Opt for understated wall uplight fittings if your style is minimalist and to create the impression of a higher ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, take the opportunity to make a real design statement with a chandelier or large pendant fitting.

Create the illusion of space

Add a mirror and console table
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Create the illusion of space with a large, well-positioned mirror - also great for last minute outfit checks before you leave the house. Pair with a console table for a stylish look that is both a practical and stylish and put a lamp or two on the console so that light reflection is further enhanced at night.

Maximise storage solutions

Mobel Oak shoe cupboard

Every hallway, regardless of its size, can benefit from the addition of clever hallway storage solutions.  Instead of allowing coats, bags and shoes to takeover, find them a home of their own that's both stylish and practical – a dedicated shoe storage and coat rack from our Mobel Oak hallway range.

Coastal Chic shoe cupboard

With it's striking reclaimed wood and quirky angled iron legs, our Coastal Chic shoe cupboard would make a bold, stylish, statement in any hallway.  The cupboard has space for twelve pairs of shoes and also includes a handy storage drawer.

Signature grey painted storage bench

For something a bit different, the Signature grey painted storage bench would add contemporary country charm to any hallway. Expertly built, it has a hinged top with hidden storage underneath – the perfect place to store boots and shoes. Top with a comfy cushion and you have the ideal spot to sit while you put your shoes on too.

Add the final finishing touches

Hallway finishing touches
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Adding the final decorative touches is arguably the most enjoyable step when designing a hallway. It's an opportunity to show off your personality and style straight away - whether that's chic and minimalist or quirky and bold.

Gallery wall in hallway
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A hallway is the perfect space for a collection of art or family photographs.  It has a large amount of blank wall at your disposal, especially on a staircase where the double height of the space is just begging to be filled. There are many of ways to display your pictures and photographs, from immaculate rows of small items, to striking groups of larger pieces. Take a look at Pinterest for some great inspiration.

Plants in the hallway
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House plants make an equally welcome addition to a hallway and, dependent on the species, have varying effects on a space. If you're looking to fill a large, empty-feeling hallway, a statement species could be for you. Short on space? A small succulent would look well placed on a console table.

How do you add a warm and welcoming feel to your hallway? We’d love to know, so comment below.