8 new interior trends for 2018

8 new interior trends for 2018

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

You've heard all about millennial pink and you're 100% over Scandi cool but what's next for your home? Here are the new interior trends for 2018 that we at The Wooden Furniture Store, are most looking forward to getting acquainted with in the New Year.

Pantone colour of the year - Ultra Violet

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The colour company Pantone have chosen a vibrant purple shade, named Ultra Violet, as its colour of the year for 2018. Purple is a colour that's associated with royalty, wealth and ecclesiastical power. It's selection draws upon influences from pop culture like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and of course Prince, who all favoured purple hues. The colour also takes inspiration from nature and was chosen by the suffragettes campaigning for women’s right to vote. It would seem that Ultra Violet means so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design, it’s truly a reflection of our world today but we still can't wait to see a vivid purple piece of statement furniture or bold wall colour!

Dark wood

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In 2018, we think that dark wood furniture deserves a rethink. Timbers such as walnut and mahogany can bring welcome warmth to any room and with some careful styling, they can fit easily into most decorating schemes by taking the deep tone as a starting point. Try teaming dark wood furniture with classic 70's retro chairs (we'd love an Eames chair!) and finish the room with blue accents to balance out the space and bring energy to the room.

8 interior trends for 2018

Over the last six months we've seen a huge increase in the popularity of both our Shiro and Mayan ranges. Both collections have stand out pieces of furniture that create a real focal point for any room, whether it's a stunning dining table or a cabinet that creates a bold backdrop for china and books. We think that this is a trend that's really going to catch on!


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Iridescent interior pieces, with their oil-slick appearance, are a bold statement for the home but when used stylishly can be completely mesmerizing. They add additional light to colour, texture and shape and enhance the atmosphere. Providing a subtle sheen to interiors the iridescent trend is a fabulous way to add glamour without being too gaudy or visually overpowering.


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The Scandi's gave us Lagom (we wrote about it in the autumn) and of course Hygge but now its time to make way for the ancient Japanese philosophy of Ikigai. Meaning ‘to live with reason,’ the concept gives your life a purpose, while giving you the grit to carry on. The philosophy is all about discovering and appreciating life’s pleasures that have meaning for you - whether that's the first cup of coffee of the day or walking the dog. Our take on Ikigai is simply that we are seeing an increasing movement towards filling our homes with considered, quality furniture and accessories, made with love and integrity. We buy less but buy better with a focus on natural woods, muted tones and a pared-back colour schemes.

Statement artwork

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There’s nothing like art to breathe new life into a space - from family portraits to abstract prints, the pictures we choose to hang on our walls help define who we are. For 2018, say goodbye to gallery walls and hello to huge pieces of statement artwork. It’s all about developing a more curated look for your walls and not piling every single thing that sort of works together in one area. The most ideal place for a gigantic piece of artwork is an open, airy great room packed with architectural interest. A single piece of art can strike the perfect balance between the architectural assets of a room and the personal touches in a space.


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Fringing was everywhere at the Paris fashion shows, from trimmed crochet dresses at Acne Studios to body-con numbers at Balmain. It's no secret that interior trends take their cues from fashion, so we think that fringing is going to be huge. It can bring luxury and movement to sofas and chairs and on Pinterest, we're currently seeing fringing on smaller pieces like footstools and ottomans. As well as larger design pieces, you can also incorporate the trend with fringed accessories such as throws, rugs, cushions and lamp, allowing you to incorporate a subtle nod to the trend, without having to commit to a full fringe!

Bold, bathroom tiles

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If you're looking for an opulent bathroom look to relax and unwind in – add a dash of gold. Warm metallics are here to stay in 2018, but unlike the coppers and rose golds seen in recent years, this year will be bursting with brass and golden hues. A flash of gold tiling as a border or in an alcove like a shower enclosure is all you need to pull this look off.  If you're looking for inspiration, our friends at Tiles Direct have a great selection and loads of ideas at their blog.

Look up!

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Adding pops of color or patterns to your walls is great, but have you ever thought of putting it on your ceiling? Most of us have stuck to the safe choice of a white ceiling, after all, it goes with almost everything in the room and makes a room feel bigger and brighter. Statement ceilings are having a moment (searches are up 310% on Pinterest) and it's not hard to see why. Ceilings painted dark gray, navy or black create a dramatic and intimate feeling. Since they can make the ceiling feel lower, spaces with high ceilings or lots of natural light are an excellent choice to experiment with a darker colour. To highlight your dark ceiling, select a pale colour for your walls that contrasts with the ceiling, and add a glittery light fixture to properly showcase your dramatic space.

With so many exciting ideas for interior trends for 2018, which one ignites your imagination?