8 tips on how to create a summer vibe for your home

8 tips on how to create a summer vibe for your home

Posted by Clare on Jun 25, 2019

The weather is really heating up this week and we think that we can safely say that summer is finally here.  But how can you create a summer vibe for your home to match the mood of the season?   Here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we've thought of a few ways to get an airy look in your home without it having to cost you too much money, or having to invest in lots of new pieces.

Keep things clean and simple

7 ways to get that summer vibe in your home
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Clear away clutter that’s piled up over the spring – too much stuff can weigh down a room visually.  Remove any items that don’t belong, clear surfaces and de-clutter floor space.  Let your items breathe by removing anything unnecessary that’s just distracting your eye and leave your most stylish items on display.  A simple clear table with a bunch of flowers is such a pretty way to create an unfussy look. Remember to roll up heavy winter rugs and leave floors bare over the summer, there’s nothing more cooling than padding around barefoot on sticky evenings.

Let in the light

7 ways to get a summer vibe in your home
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We know it’s no fun trying to get to sleep in a hot and stuffy bedroom, so ditch those dark and heavy winter curtains for something more light and airy.  Sheer window curtains made out of natural cottons or linens are a great way of letting more light into a room while keeping out the heat.  If you like total darkness when you sleep, try wooden shutters so you can adjust the light level.

Add a natural object

8 ways to get a fresh summer feel for your home
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Consider bringing in natural wood, ceramic, slate or even fallen branches, stones or seashells for a neutral and appealing display that doesn’t overpower.  Look for objects that have interesting shapes and use bowls, trays or vases to store collections together.

8 ways to add a fresh summer feel to your space
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Oversized cut agates add texture and depth to a space - pairing these elegant stones with a thick twisty tree branch adds another dimension of natural appeal and texture.

Think about some greenery

8 ways to get that summer vibe in your home
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Carrying on with the thought of nature being a soothing element in your home, bringing in a plant relaxes us and cleans the air whilst looking great.  An in-door plant will add just the right amount of intrigue into a space - they’re free-form and organic yet clean and sculptural and their life span, thankfully, is much longer than that of cut flowers. Whether you layer a few on a surface or use just one large plant, it’s sure to create that summery feel.

Keep things pale for the bedroom

8 ways to add a summer vibe to your home

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By replacing your bedlinens with layered pale bedding and by adding in a few textural elements, you can create a clean and bright space that feels light and airy.  Pastel tones, as well as white, add a relaxed feel to a bedroom, perfect for a summer’s day. The ice-cream shades of mint green, duck-egg blue and pastel pink work perfectly for wall colours or with scatter cushions.

Add some furniture with a relaxed vibe

8 ways to add a summery vibe to your home

Nothing says summer quite like a coastal scheme, so if your room is looking dark and gloomy, why not consider a refresher which one stylish, stand out piece of furniture.  Our Coastal Chic range combines reclaimed wood sourced from Southern India and industrial cast iron which highlights the unique, contemporary feel of each piece.

Create a relaxing outside space

8 ways to add a summer vibe to your home
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Nothing can beat a breezy open space, whether it is on your terrace, balcony or patio. Create a casual atmosphere with plenty of seating options like bean bags, ottomans and poufs for a relaxing vibe.

Back to basics colour scheme

8 tips to create a summer vibe in your home
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Removing all of the really colourful items in a space and paring back to a simple monochrome palette makes any room sophisticated, chic and timeless - not to mention cool.  From Art Deco-inspired designs to 1960s modernism, from minimalist trends in the 90s to modern day – monochrome never looses its appeal. Black-and-white décor has a timeless quality but gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated look to any room.  It’s such a great way to get an instant new vibe and take it back to the stylish basics.

What tips do you have to create a summer vibe for your home? We’d love to know, use the #woodenfurnituresummervibe on our twitter, facebook or instragam feeds to show us how you’ve styled your space.