A guide to choosing the perfect dining table

A guide to choosing the perfect dining table

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

Choosing the perfect dining table can seem like a daunting task.  What size do you need?  Do you have a separate room or is your dining area open plan?  How much space should you have around the table?  Dining tables are substantial pieces of furniture and they don’t come cheap and as the centrepiece of your dining room, it's important to get the table absolutely right.  Here at the Wooden Furniture Store, we've put together a guide to help you find the right dining table for your room and lifestyle.

What size should I choose?

Our guide to choosing the perfect dining table

The first place to start,  is to consider the shape and size of your dining room or space and how many people you'll regularly need to seat.  As a rough guide, a square table measuring 90cm x 90cm will fit four people, for six people, a rectangular table measuring 90cm x 150cm would work well and for eight people allow 90cm x 200cm.

A clever idea to check to see if the size will work in your dining space, is to make a template.  Cut and stick together sheets of newspaper to the size of a table and lay the template on the floor, to give you a sense of how it will fit.  Remember you'll need around 60-90cm from the table edge to the nearest wall or piece of furniture and if you can spare 100cm there will be even more room for people to walk behind seated diners.  With the template on the floor, why not lay out a full table setting?  Do the plates sit comfortably?  Will there be enough table surface for each guest?  Is there enough space for serving dishes in the centre?

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Which shape will work best for my space?

The next issue you need to think about when choosing the perfect dining table, is the shape of the available space.  As a general rule of thumb, rectangular and oval tables work best in rectangular dining spaces, while round or square tables work best in square spaces.

A stylish rectangular shape

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Rectangular shapes are the most popular shape dining tables that we sell.  They give visually clean lines to a room and of course they can accommodate lots of guests.  In small dining rooms, a rectangular table can be pushed up against the wall when not in use.  The four to six seat dining table from our best selling Mobel Oak range is a simple, stylish shape which would suit most dining rooms.  You can add extra character with one of the five different designs of upholstered chairs that this table is available with.  Our particular favourite is the cream linen version.

Is an extending table an option?

If you don't want a large dining table now but would like the option for special occasions, think about choosing a dining table with an extending leaf.  An extendable dining table offers the best of both worlds. For everyday use, the table can be collapsed down to its smallest form, but additional leaves mean it can be extended by up to three times its size.  We love the clever design of our Olten Oak extending table which has a self storing leaf that pop up and lock into place when needed.  It offers all the benefits of an expanding table without the hassle of removable leaves and has a very handy storage drawer concealed in the side.

Round - perfect for a smaller space

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The most versatile of all dining table shapes is round, as it works in any size or shape of dining room. The shape helps to create a sense of intimacy and also makes clever use of the dining space available, as it has no corners, it can seat the the maximum number of guests possible.  The Chadwick Grey painted round table has a pedestal base which gives plenty of leg room so your guests won’t need to contend with awkwardly placed table legs.  The table has a lacquered oak veneer top to protect it from spills and stains, while the legs are painted a chic grey colour.

Square but not boring

Square dining tables are the perfect shape for smaller homes where the table serves a multi-functional purpose, as they can be pushed neatly into the corner of the room. If there are just two or four people in your household, a square table is the obvious choice.  Square tables also look good in long, narrow rooms, as they offer a sense of proportion, or you can ever couple them with a rug to create a "room within a room".  For a unique modern look try the Shiro Walnut 4 seat table with contemporary curved grey linen upholstered chairs to soften those hard edges.

The perfect dining table?

Don't dismiss a dining table as just a surface to gather around for meals, interesting choices of wood type, shape and style can make a dining table a substantial piece of furniture that sets the tone for the whole room.  Seen your perfect dining table yet?  Click here for some other options.

Creating your gorgeous dining room is all about getting the theme and the style right.  As well as dining tables we stock an extensive range of coordinating furniture  including sideboards, console tables, display cabinets and wine racks.  To view our ranges, just click here.

Need some more inspiration for choosing the perfect dining table?  Look no further than pinterest...

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