A Guide to Choosing Wooden Living Room Furniture

If you’re starting afresh (lucky you!), matching furniture sets make an instant statement. For most of us it’s a case of adding to what we already have, so remember to pick pieces of similar colour or material and let the shape and size of your existing furniture help you plan what you need.

The very first question you should ask – will it fit?

Sounds really obvious (forgive us for pointing it out), but size and proportion are so important when choosing furniture for your living room – or any room for that matter. If the pieces are too big then the room is swamped and looks clumsy and cluttered – and if they are too small you won’t have enough in the way of storage options. Remember to check the fit before you buy anything – and although most good wooden furniture stores offer an easy returns policy (and obviously we do too) it saves a fair amount of hassle and effort if you know your measurements before ordering.

If you need some guidance with the planning your new layout then perhaps look at all the room measurements – making a paper template to check the new layout of your room is a really easy and effective way of checking you’ve got everything right.

A classic mistake to avoid

Well done for mapping out the dimensions of your new room, and perfectly considering every little detail to create the living room of your dreams. But that’s not enough!! Don’t fall into the classic trap of not considering how your new wood furniture will get into your new room. Will it fit through the narrow corridors and doors? It is tricky to work this out, so do some research and make sure your furniture store offer a delivery service that takes your new purchases into the room of your choice.


Let’s hope the stunning new oak wardrobe your ordered will fit around that corner…..

Also consider co-ordinated ranges that can be added to as your needs change or you have more space. And finally, storage is a big issue. Look for coffee tables with drawers, media storage units and openshelves to display and add warmth to the room and cupboards to hind your clutter.

Overall, what should I look for?

Furniture should sit firmly on its feet and not wobble or rock. Check that doors hang evenly and the wood colour matches throughout the item. Check the construction, what joints have been used? And overall, does the item feel well made and built for a lifetime of use?


Good quality construction is a must

What about eco credentials?

Look out for the Forest Stewardship Councils FSC mark on furniture it means that wood comes from a sustainable forest source. All of our furniture at the Wooden Furniture Store has been sourced from responsibly managed plantations but the material is just one consideration – what about the actual delivery of the new furniture itself? Is the delivery company using fuel effecient vans; are they using sophisticated route planning software to minimise the distances travelled between drop-offs? Do they offer a recycling service to take away your old furniture?


Before ordering – what should I ask?

Ask about guarantees, delivery time, charges, returns and if you intend to buy additional pieces from the range at a later date – will it still be in stock? Reputable furniture companies will often offer free delivery and a no-fuss returns policy to ensure that you, the consumer, is fully protected when you purchase. Here you can read more about the Wooden Furniture Stores returns policy.

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