Back to work – our top 7 home office desks

A traditional style desk

7 best home office desks

This stylish single pedestal desk is part of the stunning La Roque range and will add a touch a grandeur to any home office.  Made from environmentally friendly mahogany, the desk has a convenient pull out keyboard drawer that has a flip down front, it folds up neatly when not in use and offers a perfect storage space for your laptop.   The pedestal provides a cabinet with one adjustable shelf to accommodate your office storage needs and includes per-drilled holes for neat cabling.

Contemporary, luxurious walnut

7 best home office desks

For a dedicated home office, your desk need to be large enough to accommodate all the tools of your trade and the material it is made from will set the tone for your room, whether you opt for modern glass, traditional oak or this this case, luxurious walnut.  The Shiro Walnut twin pedestal desk includes fitted office storage which will maximise your space and is beautifully finished with rounded edges and bronzed handles.

Modern design laptop desk

7 of the best home office desks

If the room you have can’t accommodate a full set of office furniture, opt for a versatile option such as this Urban Chic desk which has built in storage.  The desk has a lift up lid which is perfectly designed for a laptop rather than a desktop PC, as it can simply be tidied away when you’re done working or studying.  The desk will give your work space an industrial loft feel and  is made from reclaimed wood from Southern India and has a steel outer frame to accentuate the individual colour and character of the wood that’s been used.

Hidden home office with storage

7 of the best design home offices

Even a small space, if sectioned off properly, can be transformed into a great workstation or study area.  Unused nooks are the perfect place to fit a small home office design – a desk under the stairs can work brilliantly.   A smart, ordered desk creates an ideal work area and the Mayan Walnut hidden home office can be cleared and left clutter free by making use of all the  cleverly concealed storage.  The beautiful tone and texture of the wood, makes this desk a stunning piece of furniture in its own right.