Banish the mess – de-clutter your hallway

What’s the first thing someone see when entering your home? Your hallway! Hallways are meant to be welcoming and inviting. They are the first space we experience when we come home and the last we visit as we leave.

But more often than not hallways are a neglected area of a house that are dumping grounds for shoes, coats, keys and post. It’s the smallest, most awkward room to furnish but often the most in need of good storage. If your hallway could do with a de-clutter here are some hall storage ideas.


Hide the shoes

How many pairs of shoes are in your hallway? A shoe cabinet is the perfect piece of de-clutter kit that will make a huge difference to your hall. A design that has plenty of rack space and hinged doors is a great idea. The Wooden Furniture Store have plenty of different size and shape designs to make the most use of the space available.



Add a console table

A console table can be a very useful item of furniture. The drawers are handy for storing your latest post and it is the perfect place to add a lamp to brighten up the space. It’s also a good place to put your keys so you know where they are. A slim-line table also won’t obstruct the walkway as the family go in and out.


An old trick – get more space instantly, add a mirror

What about a mirror? Hanging a mirror up above your console table will make the whole space look much bigger and brighter. Tidy away coats Tidy coats away with a simple set of coat hooks.


Think outside of the box (or the hallway, at least)

Your needs change as your family changes or as you move house, so buying furniture that looks just as at home in the hallway as in the bedroom is a sensible idea. All these hallway furniture ideas will help you have the perfect clutter free hallway.

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