Care for your furniture and it will last a lifetime

Here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we know that having made a significant investment, you want your purchase to last and look stunning for years to come.  With proper care, your new furniture can last a lifetime.

Wood is the material of choice for furniture all over the world.  Each tree is an individual piece of nature, which after being felled keeps its own qualities, strengths and structure.  All of our furniture is handmade and each piece is unique.

To keep your new furniture looking it’s best our top tips are:-

  • Do not place furniture directly against a heater or radiator.

  • Direct sunlight should be avoided.

  • Try to avoid locations where there are extremes of temperature.

  • Rearrange decorative items like vases and ornaments to avoid fade marks.

  • Always protect surfaces from hot cups and plates by using a coaster.

  • Spillages are the worst enemy of all types of wooden furniture, so all moisture should be wiped completely dry using a soft cloth in the direction of the woods grain.

Take a look at our hints and tips to keep all of The Wooden Furniture Stores ranges looking their best. PS You don’t have to make your own furniture polish…

Caring for Mobel Oak, Aston Oak, Atlas, Vermont and Kudos ranges

The starting point for treating all oak and ash furniture is quite simply to dust on a regularly.  Dust particles can build up over time inside the wood grain and cause damage to the surface of the furniture.  The Wooden Furniture Store recommends that you use a lint free cloth but never a feather duster as a broken quill could scratch your furniture.

If you use a spray, use one that has a high content of natural beeswax.  Do not spray directly onto the furniture, but spray onto a soft cloth, polish and then buff by using a separate cloth.

Every three months treat your furniture to a good polish using traditional soft beeswax.  This will enhance your furniture and help give your furniture a deep and lasting protection.


Caring for Shiro Walnut and Mayan Walnut ranges

Take extra care not to scratch walnut furniture and dust with care using a microfiber cloth.  Remember to lift vases and ornaments instead of pushing them aside. Again, dust weekly and apply a furniture wax or a silicone based polish to the surface of your furniture twice a year.



Caring from La Roque Mahogany range

Dusting mahogany on a regular basis is the simplest and most effective way to prevent colour fade. Use a lint free cloth and once a month use a specialist polish. For areas that are difficult to reach with a cloth, use a soft bristle toothbrush.

What-ever furniture you choose from our ranges, treating wooden furniture with respect is the best way of keeping it in the best possible condition and lasting a lifetime.

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