Furniture ideas for your living room

One of the enduring challenges for anyone with a busy home (and especially one with kids/pets etc) is to make your living area homely and practical but not over cluttered. It’s often difficult to maintain the balance between storage and creating the warm and welcoming feeling that every living room needs, so here are some ideas to consider….

Coffee and side tables

Sofas arranged around a coffee table create a sociable atmosphere but if you want a more open feel or your living room is small, side tables are a good option. It’s great if you can incorporate an element of storage to keep you living room clutter free. A great space saver is a nest of tables with stack up neatly against a wall. Here at the Wooden Furniture Store we’ve a selection of coffee tables, many with clever and practical storage to help keep everything neat and tidy.

Walnut Coffee Table

A low table is a must for keeping cups, snacks and reading material close to hand plus of course it doubles up as an excellent foot rest! These superb Walnut Nested Tables make a stylish addition to any living room. Constructed using solid walnut, this nest of tables has three individual and practically sized coffee tables and with exceptional build quality these tables should last a lifetime – mainly due to the fact that walnut is a very high quality timber with a dense grain, making it perfect choice for building stunning and long lasting furniture.


Shelving and Bookcases

Free standing units with a mixture of shelves and cupboards can offer the flexibility to divide a room as well as being used for storage. Books, few favourite photos and special objects can add personality to a room but DVD’s, audio equipment and paperwork should be kept behind cupboard doors.

Walnut Low Bookcase

Low storage solutions provide the perfect balance of style and storage for any room in the house.

Media storage

Luckily, our TV’s are more compact and streamlined than ever before so today’s media storage units are a far cry from those ugly old fashioned ones of the past. A unit with plenty or cupboards and draws for all the kit is a must and you may want to consider a corner unit if space is tight.

Walnut TV inset shot

If you have a wall mounted TV, or the leads, cables and boxes are taking over your living room, then this Walnut Home Entertainment Unit will solve your problems in some style. This superb solid walnut entertainment ancillary cabinet is constructed using solid walnut.


Other space saving ideas

And finally, what about a spacious truck of toy chest which is roomy enough to store large items such as toys or games? Whatever you choose, the basic theme is stylish storage, all the way.

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