Home Office Furniture is More than Just a Desk and a Chair

When most people think of home office furniture, they think of a desk, a chair and a computer. While these are certainly important elements, there is much more to a comfortable home office environment. When you walk into your home office every day, you want it to feel as if you’ve walked into the corporate offices of a bank or a highly paid CEO. This will give you a feeling of power and you’ll be more apt to act like the CEO or president of your own company.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by oak filing cabinets, a massive desk that exudes strength, and home office storage shelving that contains the files of your hundreds of clients? When you include other home office furniture in addition to your desk and chair, you can create an atmosphere of pure bliss. You’ll enjoy your ‘commute’ to work every day and complete each task with confidence.

Some other items you may want to consider as part of your home office furniture ensemble are:

  • A good phone with a headset: If you do a lot of prospecting, or are on the phone a lot, you’ll need a good quality phone. A headset will allow for hands-free talking.
  • Oak filing cabinets:  Oak is an obvious choice for style and durability, but should match the type and style of your desk.
  • Home Office Storage: Shelves, drawers and other storage devices will keep the clutter away and help keep you organized.
  • An Ergonomic Chair: If you are going to be sitting in a chair all day, it should be comfortable and encourage good posture. A chair with wheels will allow you to scoot around the room for easy access to things you may need throughout the day.
  • Whiteboard or other visual displays: If you like to keep a schedule in front of you, or daily reminders, visual displays can be a perfect solution. Hang it where you can see it easily and have access to it to update throughout the day.
  • Window blinds/shades: If you have a window in your office, you’ll want shades or blinds for privacy, or to keep out the sun. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available that will suit any decor.

These are just a few items that you can add to your home office furniture collection. You don’t have to purchase these all at once. You can purchase some oak filing cabinets one month, then home office storage devices next month, and continue until you have all of your required home office furniture pieces.

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