How to display books

A bookcase not only stores books, its shelves can be used to display picture frames and decorative objects, as well as storage baskets and magazine files. Here are some tips to consider before you buy a wooden bookcase and how to display books.

Firstly, think about what you will be storing on the bookcase so you can work out how many shelves you need.  If it’s just books you’ll be storing, count the number before you buy the bookcase and measure the tallest so you have the right shelf height. Make the most of wasted space under stairs and in hallways with a waist-height bookcase.

CMR01A Atlas Bookcase

The stunning Atlas Oak Bookcase.

Freestanding bookcases are a more versatile option than fitted bookcases, and can be taken with you when you move house. If the items on the bookcase will be used frequently, as in a home office, make sure there’s plenty of room in front of the shelves.

Think about where you want the bookcase to go. If it’s going to fit into an alcove, measure the width and think about skirting boards and radiators. Open-shelved bookcases can also act as room dividers in dual-purpose spaces separate living and dining areas. They’ll add storage that can be accessed from both sides and maximise light in the room.

How to style your books and shelving

Forget alphabetical order – the most stylish way to stack your books is according to colour.  Shuffle them round to create an ever-changing display that can be added to whenever you choose. Or perhaps arrange books by size – it’s more visually pleasing to have large ones at the bottom in deeper shelves but be sure to store oversized books horizontally to reduce the stress on their spines.

Displaying your favourite art and photography books is also a subtle way of saying a little bit about yourself, and if you have any attractive objects, display them in between your rows of books – it’ll lighten the overall feel.

And finally, create a focal point by grouping flowers in the middle of the unit – mix and match vases of different shapes and sizes for an eye-catching feature.

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