How to get your home ready for entertaining

How to get your home ready for entertaining

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

With Easter just around the corner, we've been thinking of some ideas on how to get your home ready for entertaining.  At The Wooden Furniture Store, we know our customers love to create an environment that makes their guests feel welcome, comfortable and enjoy the experience of being in their home #houseproud.  Here are our top tips.

Plan your entertaining space

Before you send out invitations, take a good look at your home and work out how large or small you want the gathering to be.  The best get togethers are ones where there is space for people to eat, mingle and socialise.  Look at what rooms you plan to use and consider moving furniture from one room to another or arrange it differently to create more space.

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Think about creating a sense of intimacy by placing furniture is small groups or setting up multiply seating areas.

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If your living room usually has the furniture laid out for watching the TV, think about moving it around.  Arrange the furniture for conversation rather than TV viewing.

Mobel Oak extending dining table

If you are having a meal, will you need a bigger dining table or more chairs to seat everyone?  Our Mobel Oak extending dining table is a great option as it can seat up to 8 and comes with a choice of five different dining chair options.

Banish the clutter

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Clean and pick up clutter to make your house entertaining friendly.  You don't need to succumb to a frenzy of cleaning but make sure that the rooms you'll be using are clean, fresh and comfortable.  Think about clearing spaces of personal items and put breakables away to avoid any accidents, leaving just enough to make the space feel warm and inviting.

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The only exception? Bathrooms. Make sure the bathroom is sparkling - as this is the area where guests will get a close look at your home.

Plan your dining table

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Next, move onto the dining room.  Do you have enough tablecloths, napkins, extra serving dishes and cutlery?  Think about whether your table needs a beautiful centerpiece (maybe with an Easter theme) or whether you need to write name place cards for your guests.

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Look at the front door and hallway

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The front door and hallway are the first area the guests see, so sweep outside your house and give your front door a clean.  Next, make the first few feet of your home the transitional space from the outside world where guests can feel expected and welcomed into your home.  If you have a console table, add a candle or some fresh flowers to make the entry smell wonderful.

Shiro Walnut console table and shoe cupboard

Make room for your guests coats on a coat rack and tidy away your families shoes in a shoe cupboard.  Make a real impact with the console table and matching shoe cupboard from our Shiro Walnut range.

On the day, stage your space

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Quick touches will have your home ready to welcome guests.  Straighten and fluff up sofa pillows and cushions.

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Candles and lighting can instantly transform a space while wowing your guests. What kind of party doesn’t have party lights anyways? Candles are a a great and efficient way to add intrigue, warmth, and energy to a home - they also smell wonderful!

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Fresh flowers immediately change the look and feel of a room. Make them extra-special and place a bouquet in a unique container.

Create a playlist

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As for music, use your favourite music streaming service and let it play DJ.  Begin with the music at a comfortable volume, then continue to turn it down and let it serve as a background as more guests show up.

And finally....

Add the finishing touches to your home to make it entertaining ready.  Make sure there's plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom,  Wipe down the toilet and sink, add a clean hand towel and some new soap.  In the kitchen, make sure that the hob, work tops and sink are clean, clear away any unwashed dishes and empty the bin.

Remember that entertaining in your home should be an exciting and wonderful way to bring friends and family together - not full of stress and worry!  We hope these ideas help you to plan the perfect event.