Planning a child’s bedroom

Moving a child into their own bedroom for the first time is very special and an important stage of growing up. There are lots of ways to make this experience fun, and provide your child with a safe, comfortable space they can play, relax, and sleep in (hopefully!). The first stage is planning a colour scheme. For a baby, calming pastels shades can be a good idea but as children get older you may want to experiment with more vibrant colours or wallpapers.  Our little girl loves pink (obviously!) and so pink it is.

So, we’ve set the scene and now the most important part – the bed.

In the OBaby Stamford Nursery furniture range as well as a cot bed there is also a children’s single bed which is the perfect sleep solution as your child gets older.  This hardwearing and sturdy kids single bed fits a standard 3 foot mattress (supplied separately) and is designed to take the matching trundle bed (optional extra) for additional sleeping space.

So now the basic furniture for providing a good night’s sleep is in place, it’s time to think about some other important pieces – bedding and curtains.  If your child’s an early riser, or finds it difficult to get to sleep in the lighter months, try a blackout roller blind. We’ve found this to be an essential piece of kit for our kids.

A real must-have is furniture that provides plenty of storage for the ever-growing collection of books and toys, and the furniture pieces will need to be versatile for the future.

To finish, add pictures – perhaps some of their own artwork, a cosy rug, bunting and some mood lighting or fairy lights. We like adding simple items, like a picture frame and then encourage your child to get creative to proudly display there work.

Hopefully this will inspire and help create the right mood for sleep.  Is it bedtime yet? Check out our childrens wooden furniture

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