Choosing wooden furniture - six great reasons

Choosing wooden furniture - six great reasons

Posted by Clare on Nov 07, 2019

As our name suggests, here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we're all about wood.  We love the stuff and our website doesn't sell anything else, apart from solid wooden furniture. We certainly believe that choosing wooden furniture is a good option for any home, and here's six of our favourite reasons why.

Wood looks good, whatever your style

Solid, wood furniture not only looks beautiful but can bring character and personality to any room.  There are lots of different types of timber to choose from and each one has it's own  natural, distinct style and appearance.  For example, walnut wood is a gorgeous dark brown colour which has a unmistakable grain and can add a touch of luxury to any room.  We love this coffee table from the Shiro Walnut range which showcases the timbers dense grain with beautifully rounded corners.

Shiro Walnut coffee table

Oak is a much lighter coloured wood, which is incredible hardwearing, making it a practical and versatile choice for furniture.  The hidden home office in our best selling Mobel Oak range is expertly crafted from carefully selected oak and given a resilient satin lacquer to ensure that it still looks as beautiful in 10 years time, as the day it's delivered.

Mobel Oak hidden home office

It's easy to look after

Wood makes superb furniture and with care can last a lifetime.  It's easy to clean with a dry, soft cloth or feather duster, this will effectively remove dust but to avoid scattering dust into the air, dampen the cloth very slightly.  By adding beeswax polish to your cloth, you'll make your furniture shine and glow, adding extra beauty to an already gorgeous material.

Each piece of our furniture is protected with a varnish or finish which not only highlights the wood grain but enhances the natural beauty of the wood by adding colour and character.  For example, this Olten Oak widescreen TV unit with three drawers, has an oiled finished which protects the wood and accentuates the natural grain of the timber.

Olten Oak widescreen TV cabinet

Wood lasts a lifetime

Wooden furniture may be a more costly initial investment than flatpack MDF but well-built, solid wood furniture is incredibly durable and is designed to last for generations.  It can withstand the wear and tear that comes from daily use and looks even better as it ages.

Close up of the reclaimed wood used in our Urban Chic range

Take a look at our Urban Chic range which is a contemporary style, superbly hand built from reclaimed wood by skilled craftsmen in Southern India.  Each piece in this stunning collection is truly individual with colourful and worn wood that is over 150 years old, combined with a beautifully made steel outer frame.  We love the design of the monks shoe bench in the range, which really shows off the individual colour and character of the wood that’s been used.

Urban Chic monks bench

It's solid and durable

The way a piece of furniture is constructed can contribute to its beauty and functionality.  The joinery and sturdiness of each piece can also tell you a lot about its quality.  All of our furniture is designed to last and is delivered to you ready assembled which means that it already more solid and sturdy that a flatpack piece of furniture is ever going to be.

We use dovetail joints on all of our drawers, as they are the oldest way of putting furniture together and they make for the strongest and most visually appealing joints.  We also use hardwood back and drawer inners, plus paneled sides which add to the strength and stability of each piece of furniture.

Our Moppet range of nursery furniture is incredible well made and robust.  The double wardrobe in the collection includes stoppers on the drawers to ensure that they can't be pulled out and all the shelves are adjustable and removable - so it's designed to grow with your child.

Moppet Oak double wardrobe

Wood is sustainable

At the Wooden Furniture Store we source all of our wood from environmentally managed plantations.  While plastics and veneers used to make furniture can be heavily processed and filled with chemicals, solid wood can be sourced from replenished forests and manufactured in a way that is much more natural and kind to the environment.

The extra cost is worth it

Hayford Rough Sawn Oak range

You make think that this all adds up to more cost and it's true you are paying for expert craftsmanship, superior materials and durability but isn't that what you want from your furniture?  Everything at The Wooden Furniture Store is delivered fully assembled and is designed to be a solid, sturdy, piece of well designed furniture (not a flatpack made of MDF that lasts a few years).   Convinced yet?  Why not take a look at our website?