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6 tips to create a dining room with a homely, rustic feel

6 tips to create a dining room with a homely, rustic feel

Posted by Clare on Jul 09, 2021

Nothing says home sweet home better than a country style dining room. From weathered tables to inviting chairs, we've got six tips to create a dining room with a homely, rustic feel to make your space a cosy retreat in which guests will want to linger.

Make a statement with the table

reclaimed dining table

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the dining room? The dining table of course! It is good idea to let the table set the style and mood for the rest of the room, and in the case of a country-style dining space, a rustic wooden table is the obvious choice. Think of a simple style piece, crafted from reclaimed wood, that is not too ornate, which will create a real center-piece for the room. Our Bainton dining table is built to last from solid reclaimed pine which has been given a hand wax finish to lift the grain of the wood and emphasise its raw, unique quality. Simplicity is the key here, and once you have the table picked, you can mix and match the seating around it.

Comfortable seating

Signature grey painting dining table

Make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable by including top-notch upholstery in your dining area. Choose chairs that are comfy enough to sit on for a good few hours and covered in stain-proof fabric.

Signature grey painted dining bench

Or for a more casual dining experience, what about mixing it up with some bench style seating too? Many of our ranges including Signature Grey Painted are available with a combination of chairs and benches so that you can tailor your look.

Slot in a sideboard

painted large sideboard

What is a farmhouse dining room without a sideboard in the backdrop that truly sets the mood in the room? A sideboard allows you to display interesting objects to add a touch of character and of course provides an extra serving surface. Plus the drawers mean that you to store cutlery and table linen, which will free up space in the kitchen. Our range of Rushbury painted sideboards come in a choice of six colour ways so that they can tone in or stand out in the decorating scheme.

Dress it up

tall display cabinet

Alternatively, jazz up a corner of the dining room with a a display cabinet so that you can show off your chinaware proudly without disturbing the style of the room. For a really modern shape and rustic finish our Bainton range has units with different size shelving and drawer storage configuration to create maximum wow factor.

Light feature

6 tips to create a dining room with a rustic, homely feel
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An overhead light can create a focal point for your dining room. Lighting is key when it comes to elevating the appeal of your country dining space and it's a good idea to balance between natural and artificial lighting. Make sure that the lighting you pick steals the show as a standalone addition and adds aura of the room - we love the pale blue of these pendant lights picked out in the chairs too.

A statement mirror

6 tips to create a rustic and homely dining room
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Mirrors amplify natural light to brighten a dining room during the day and add soft, reflective impact in the evening. A large mirror placed on a mantel or sideboard will also visually extend the feel of a dining room.

Add a quirky finishing touch

6 tips to create a homely and rustic dining room
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A dining area is a space where you can have a bit of fun and add your own personal style to. Think laterally and add an eclectic element to your finishing touches. Here, a collection of china plates in similar colours gives a contemporary twist to the traditional idea of hanging crockery.

How have you given your dining room a homely and rustic feel? We’d love to know, use the #woodenfurniturediningroom on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds to show us how you’ve designed your space.