6 ways smart technology in furniture is changing modern homes

6 ways smart technology in furniture is changing modern homes

Posted by Clare on Jul 06, 2021

With many household items becoming "smart" (step forward Hive and Alexa), it was only a matter of time before furniture followed suit.  Manufacturers are doing more to integrate the latest smart technology in furniture, from nightstands that charge your phone to desks that play your favourite music, so we thought we'd take a look at how smart furniture is changing modern homes.

The lamp table that charges your phone

San Fransisco lamp table

The beautifully simple, contemporary design of the San Francisco lamp table is finished in modern white ash with a natural ash frame and legs. As well as being a useful lamp table, it will charge your smartphone and tablet wirelessly, simply by placing them on top of the QI wireless charging panel.  If your phone isn't compatible with a wireless charger, then the table also has two USB ports and if you want to listen to your music or a podcast, then the lamp table has 2.1 Bluetooth stereo speakers, banishing the need for boxy tech cluttering the room.

The coffee table that's a tablet

The coffee table that's a tabletImage from Trendhunter.com

This touch screen coffee table provides more than just a place to perch your drinks. Its anti-reflective glass surface doubles up as a PC or Mac computer screen, which can be accessed with a single swipe of your fingertip. Use it to browse online, show guests your holiday snaps, play digital board games or read the papers at your leisure. Already popular with businesses, touchscreen surfaces can be found in shopping malls, airports and restaurants.  The coffee table is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled, so it could be used to wirelessly connect and control other smart devices in the home such as lights, TV and heating.  This tech is not far from becoming commonplace in the home but it currently incredibly expensive!

The sideboard that changes colour

The sideboard that changes colourImage from urdesignmag.com

Seoul-based studio Orijeen has designed a collection of furniture that can change its colour depending on your position and movement using lenticular technology to create gradient surfaces.  We love the freestanding sideboard that changes shades of blue and pink.

The perfect home office desk

NuHolme Office Smart Desk

Combining elegant Scandinavian style with its angled legs and smooth curved lines, the NuHolme Office smart desk is packed with the very latest technology. The desk features Bluetooth compatible speakers, convenient QI wireless charging, two USB ports and an AUX port, so whether you’re listening to music while you work, or charging your phone, this desk is perfect for today’s modern home office.

Revolutionary "smart" beds

The Smart bed
Image from pinterest.com

Many of us think that a smart bed is one that has a television built into its base, so how about this design?  The technology around bedroom furniture has come a long way over the last few years. Smart beds and mattress covers have the ability to track and improve our sleep patterns by monitoring breathing and heart rate, controlling temperatures, and even responding in real time during sleep for more or less body support. These products also come with internet connectivity and can be linked with other health and wellness apps on other smart devices to make your nights as productive as your days.

Solar powered rockers

Solar powered soft rocker
Image from egadget.com

These curved, solar-panel-covered seats rotate on an axis to keep them facing the sun, generating additional energy from the rocking motion created when people climb inside.  The harvested electricity can be used to recharge gadgets plugged into the three USB ports and to illuminate a light strip on the inside of the loop. The teardrop-shaped charging stations were created by Professor Sheila Kennedy and a team of students for the Festival of Art+Science+Technology (FAST).

What smart technology do you have in your home and is any incorporated into furniture? We’d love to know, use the #woodenfurnituresmart on our twitter, facebook or instagram feeds to show us.