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How to style your TV cabinet and home entertainment system

How to style your TV cabinet and home entertainment system

Posted by Clare on Jul 06, 2021

Televisions are part of our daily lives but how do we incorporate the big black box into our everyday decor?  Here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we've rounded up some of the best TV storage options and looked at how to style your TV cabinet and home entertainment system into your living room.

Our top 5 TV cabinets

A good TV cabinet should have basic cable management built in to stop things getting in a tangle and added storage to hide all the peripheral gadgets that go with modern TV's.  Remember to check the size of your TV before purchasing a cabinet and choose the width of your unit accordingly.

We love an organised TV unit.  The best selling Mobel Oak TV cabinet has four drawers with compartments sized perfectly for DVD's and CD's plus two shelves for a DVD player and set top box.

Shiro Walnut widescreen TV cabinet

This premium Shiro widescreen TV cabinet with doors is made of walnut wood which has a beautiful unique grain. The design is fairly simple - two open shelves for media players and two generously sized cupboards, each with an adjustable shelf inside.   At 142cm wide, this chunky piece of furniture can easily accommodate large flatscreen TVs with room to spare.

La Roque corner TV cabinet

For something with a more traditional feel, the La Roque mahogany corner television cabinet has been designed to discreetly hide the DVD players, consoles and set top boxes behind hinged doors.

Urban CHoc widescreen TV cabinet

The industrial look of his Urban Chic widescreen television cabinet is down to a combination of black metal frame and colourful recycled wood.  The eye catching unit also has a practical single shelf and 4 drawers.

Mayan Walnut entertainment storage cabinet

If you choose to wall mount your television, opting for a non-traditional entertainment system creates a more interesting focal point in the living room.  The Mayan Walnut entertainment cabinet combines shelf and drawer storage and has a contemporary shape and finish.

Living room TV storage options

Does your living room TV storage need an overhaul?   There's nothing more unappealing than being surround by clutter like TV controls, DVD's and games consoles.  Restore your relaxed living room vibe with these smart storage ideas for all your TV accessories.

Mobel Oak storage drawers

Hide away your DVD's and CD's in this classic Mobel Oak mutli drawer storage chest. The perfectly sized drawers are finished with brushed steel handles for extra wow factor.

Mayan Walnut DVD/CD storage cabinet

The Mayan Walnut storage cabinet has smart shelves could provide a combination of storage for books and DVD's as well as surfaces to display photographs and accessories.

Mobel Oak dvd storage cupboard

Holding 190 CD's or 125 DVD's, the Mobel Oak storage cupboard could keep your entire collection neatly stored away.

How to style around your TV

And finally, we have scoured Pinterest to find the best ideas on how to fit a television into a decorating scheme in a sleek and stylish way.  Here are our favourite ideas.

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To help your television blend seamlessly with your living room decoration, surround it with a stylish art display.  This mean that the TV becomes just another element in the picture wall, which keeps it from being the centre of attention.

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What about a bookshelf that accommodates a flatscreen TV?  We love the visual effect of the books surrounding the TV in this image.

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This is a very clever idea.  The owners of this house have painted the nook where this big-screen TV lives black.  The black colour helps it to blend into the wall and doesn't draw attention away from the other elegant pieces of furniture in the room.

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When you incorporate a lot of texture and accessories into your living space, the eye doesn't always turn to the big screen, instead it travels around the room.

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We are big fans of decorating around a flat screen mounted on a wall.  This television is set in to an alcove shelving unit and is stylishly accessorized to give it a softer edge.

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One of the most stylish ways to hide a television is with a screen for a calm and serene living area when the television is not in use.

So, these are just a few storage options and ideas on how to style your TV cabinet and home entertainment system into your living room.  Which is your favourite?