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How to update your home for Spring

How to update your home for Spring

Posted by Richard on Jul 05, 2021

Break out of your winter rut and update your home for spring.  As well as embracing the season's cleaning and reorganising mood, here at The Wooden Furniture Store we've put together some quick, low costs ideas for refreshing your home ready for a new season.

Paint your front door

Image from Farrow & Ball

Your front door is the handshake of your home and the first point of contact to welcome in your guests, so why not think about giving it an update?  The great thing about paint is, it’s easy to apply and you’ll only need a small tin for this project, so it’s affordable but has a big impact.

Re-arrange furniture

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Another spring time ritual is to re-arrange the floor plan of your living room.  During your cleaning and rearranging, see if removing just one piece of little-used or had-seen-better-days furniture opens up a space and breathes new life into a room.  If you're already pared down enough, then consider making the splurge and replacing just one item for a new one.

Mobel Oak coffee table

Some people want to wait until they can redo the whole room rather than replace items piecemeal, and months and years continue to pass by.  Replacing just one piece of furniture will give your room a boost and may inspire you to keep making small room changes.  Light wood furniture such as the Mobel Oak range can make a real difference to the feel of the room and items such as coffee table or tallboy can also add useful storage.

Update your cushions

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Now that we're past the chill of winter, fabrics like silk and velvet can feel a bit heavy, so it's time to put them away along with the faux fur and wool blankets.  Updating your cushions can transform your living room and is the easiest way to upgrade your spring decor.  Cushions require little commitment to a new look and its a great chance to experiment with a bright, vibrant colour or unique patterns.

Inject some colour

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Sometimes you just need a pop of colour.  Try adding just a few touches of colour to instantly lighten and brighten your space.  A few colourful accent pieces dotted around a room - a bright piece of art, an affordable vase or interesting object will brighten any coffee or console table.

Add some greenery

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There’s nothing that says spring quite like the smell of fresh flowers.  By adding just a touch of greenery to the inside of your home you instantly create a connection to the outside.  Flowers don't have to be any specific variety or color – they always brighten up any  space, no matter what kind you use.  You also don’t need a lot of them, a small floral arrangement on a table, mantle or windowsill makes a big difference.

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A simple idea, is just to add some greenery with either succulents or a big statement banana leaf in a fun vase.

Lamp upgrade

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A simple but very effective way to make a spring update is to change the lampshades on table and floor lamps.   Lampshades come in all colors, patterns, and sizes so it’s not hard to find something fun that will work with your space.

Bring in a new scent

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Placing some floral or fruit scented candles and diffusers around your home adds a touch of colour and aroma to your space.  Why not change the scent for something citrus smelling to conjure up the feeling of warmer days?

Lighten up

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Nothing gives a space a more dramatic update than a fresh coat of paint.  For the cost and elbow grease, this update is the best value for delivering a huge transformation.  As it's Spring. lighten up, go brighter, crisper and cleaner!  Choose a Spring colour that makes you feel happy and either paint an accent wall or the whole room.

Reorganise your wardrobe

Update your home for spring
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A bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind – not somewhere you have to fight through a clutter of shoes and clothes.  Bedroom cupboards can easily spin out of control, so start by donating any unwanted or outdated items before you start to reorganising.  Simple storage ideas, such a decorative wall hooks, vintage suitcases or a shoe cupboard are easy solutions and instantly help to declutter your space.

Refresh your bedding


A change of new bedding can uplift your personal space.  Prepare for warmer temperatures by switching your duvet to a lightweight and store away heavy comforters and accent pillows.  Pick out a crisp all white duvet set to brighten your bedroom, making sure you have varying textures and shapes to keep it interesting.

With the promise of warmer temperatures, longer days and more sunshine isn't it time to update your home for spring?