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5 tips for choosing the perfect TV cabinet

5 tips for choosing the perfect TV cabinet

Posted by Clare on Jul 05, 2021

There's nothing better than settling down to watching the latest box set now that the winter evenings have arrived.  To make sure that you have the ultimate TV viewing experience, you should not only have the right TV but the perfect cabinet to put it on.  Choosing the perfect TV cabinet for your living room can be quite a challenge, so here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we've put together five tips, to help you get it absolutely right.

Match the room size

A TV cabinet is probably the central point of your living room but that doesn’t mean it should be extra large or the focal point of the room.  It’s a good idea to measure the size of your living room before you start looking for TV units, as you want to the size of your TV unit to be in sync with the size of your room.  To make sure that the TV fits on a cabinet safely, you want a unit that is roughly 20% longer in length than your TV (Although a flat-screen TV typically has a base for even weight distribution, you risk knocking the TV if the cabinet is too small).  Also consider whether the unit offers sufficient weight capacity to support your TV.

5 tips to hel[p you choose the perfect tv cabinet

Traditional meets modern with our best selling Mobel Oak four drawer TV cabinet.  Offering a smart, compact design it won't dominating the living room as it's a perfect size and shape.  The four drawers will keep manuals and remotes out of sight, while the shelves have plenty of room for your DVD player and digital receiver.  Made from solid oak, it's rustic charm shines through and the satin varnish brings out the woods natural beauty and ensures that it will retain its good looks for years to come. Mobel Oak four drawer TV cabinet for screens up to 50" H52 x W99 x D49.5 cm

5 tips to choose the perfect TV cabinet

For a slighter larger living room, what about this Mayan Walnut low TV cabinet?  Beautifully made from solid walnut, it's had a satin varnish that lets the unique grain patterns and natural colouring sing.  When it comes to storage, it doesn't get much better than this - there are four roomy drawers and two shelves for all your technical equipment, plus holes at the back mean unsightly cables won't be on show.  Mayan Walnut low TV cabinet for screens up to 72" H50 x W125 x D40cm

The correct viewing height

The key to maximum viewing comfort, is the TV screen height. It may not be easy to position your screen at a perfect height, but you can get a TV stand of a height as close as possible to comfortable eye-level.  For a customised setup, measure your eye level when seated, making sure the central region of the TV isn’t far above your sight line.  Consider buying a TV stand with a mount to adjust the display level so it's perfect for you.

5 tips to help you choose the perfect TV cabinet

This Mobel Oak widescreen TV cabinet comes with an adjustable mounting bracket built into the unit which helps you watch TV at the perfect height for you.  The substantial cabinet has two drawers and four shelves which will house all your entertainment paraphernalia.  It's built from solid oak and offers a timeless rustic charm to counterpoint the modern equipment that it's designed for. Mobel Oak mounted widescreen TV cabinet for screen sizes up to 60" H45 x W146 x D30cm

The best shape for the room

When choosing the right size TV cabinet for your room, it's important to think about the shape of the living room.  If you're lucky enough to have a large proportioned room, as long as the overall style matches your room decoration, practically any shape and size will look good.  But what it you have a narrow or oddly shaped living room?

5 tips to choose the perfect TV cabinet

Working with a small or irregularly shaped room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the TV of your dreams.  The Mobel Oak corner cabinet lets you fit a TV into a compact space, as the rear of the unit is shaped so that it will push back much further into the corner of the room compared to a stand with a straight edge.   This will save you space and make the TV less prominent in the room.  Mobel Oak corner TV unit for screens up to 50" H64 x W107 x D54 cm.

5 tips on choosing the perfect TV cabinet

A wall-mount TV using an entertainment cabinet stand frees up room in front of your seating area but give you useful storage space.  The Urban Chic entertainment cabinet is made from reclaimed wood, each piece is 100% unique and has lots of character from the different grain patterns, knots, colour and uneven edges found in salvaged wood. To complete this truly individual piece of furniture, the cabinet is finished with a blackened steel outer frame.  Urban Chic entertainment cabinet H91 x W60 x D35.5cm.

A style that works in your living room

Try to find a TV cabinet that blends in well with your current living room furniture.  At the Wooden Furniture Store, we have a wide choice of styles that are part of coordinating living room collections so that you can match your TV cabinet to you coffee table or sideboard.

5 tips to choosing the perfect TV cabinet

Darker wood and ornamental details complement the elegance of many traditional style living rooms.  Made from beautiful mahogany, this classic La Roque widescreen cabinet features hand carved fluted sides, decorative back panelling, brass teardrop handles and the unit is protected with a mid gloss lacquer which showcases the the natural beauty of the wood.  La Roque Mahogany widescreen TV cabinet for screens 72" H52 x W151 x D52 cm

5 tips to choose the perfect TV cabinet

In contemporary spaces, avoid a cabinet that looks too stark or impersonal.  A hit of colour and the striking design of this Coastal Chic widescreen TV cabinet could be just what is needed.  Filled with character, reclaimed wood is combined with welded cast iron to add industrial edge to its rustic design.   Coastal Chic widescreen TV cabinet for screens 70" wide H60 x W140 x D40 cm.

5 tips for choosing a perfect TV cabinet

With it's simple geometric lines and open shelving, the Shiro Walnut low TV cabinet captures the minimalist feel of a modern living room.  Crafted from solid walnut the unit showcases the beautiful dense grain of the wood.  Shiro Low TV cabinet for screen 72"wide H35 x W130 x D35 cm

Don't forget storage

Keeping your TV cabinet free of clutter is one of the best ways to showcase your TV.  Think about how many consoles and set top boxes you are looking to store?  Take note of their individual dimensions so you know they’ll fit.  Look for designs with drawers, shelving or sliding doors to stow away DVDs, remote controls and headphones and keep your living room clutter-free.

5 tips to choose the perfect TV cabinet

The Urban Chic widescreen TV cabinet been crafted from beautiful reclaimed wood, some of which dates back 150 years. The steel outer frame gives the unit a sturdy, retro feel and the timbers exposed grain and stunning colour variations provide a tactile and rustic appeal. Boasting a handy open shelf, a large drawer and two cupboards with sliding doors, the TV cabinet not only looks stylish but is a practical storage solution.  Urban Chic widescreen TV cabinet for screens 70" wide H55 x W160 x D40 cm.

5 tips to help choose the perfect TV cabinet

The Mayan Walnut 4 drawer TV cabinet has plenty of efficient storage but it's full of contemporary charm.  The unit has 2 shelves for your DVD player, digital box and console unit and four drawers to stow away DVD's, games and remotes and spare leads.  Crafted to last from solid walnut, it’s been treated to a grain-enhancing wax finish that brings out its natural warmth and unique character of the wood.  Mayan Walnut 4 drawer TV cabinet for screens 72" wide H60 x W104 x D40 cm.

We have a huge range of TV cabinets to satisfy your TV tech needs - from closed cupboards, open shelving options all with cable management, great design and stylish looks.  To find out how to style a TV cabinet, why not read our recent blog post?