The on trend colour to use in your home NOW!

The on trend colour to use in your home NOW!

Posted by Clare on Nov 05, 2019

Over the last few months, here at The Wooden Furniture Store, we've noticed a real shift in the preferred colour palette used for homes and interiors.  While the delicate neutrals and Scandi greys remain popular, vibrant colour is becoming a chic alternative.  Our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds have been filling up with darker, more moodier shades.  A return to more definite colour in interiors is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Do you want to try out a bold shade in your home but scared you won't like it?  Red too intense, yellow to bright, orange too out there?  We think that blue is the perfect compromise, so we thought we'd take a look at the different ways that you can make blue - today's on trend colour - work in your home.

Blue works as a wall colour

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While it’s true that neutral room schemes provide a blank canvas, opting for a deep blue colour palette, needn’t mean a dark and dreary home.  A common misconception of this trend is that it will make your home feel smaller, darker and uninviting – but it can just as easily make it feel opulent, elegant and sophisticated too.  Pick a vibrant blue shade that adds personality and character to your living room in daylight and snuggly warm cosiness at night.

Ideas on how to use blue in your home
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Keep flooring pale for a bit of balance and continue the colour across woodwork, including shutters, architraves and skirting.  Hits of white on artwork, lighting and furniture have a cooling influence on a colour saturated scheme.

A statement piece of blue furniture

If you want to add blue to your living room but aren’t quite ready to cover your walls in the colour, try adding a statement piece of furniture or a piece of artwork.  Just one central piece will definitely make a statement to your space but it won’t be quite as dramatic as painting the walls blue.

Ways to use blue in your home
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There’s something about a blue velvet sofa that makes any living room seem simply luxurious. Perhaps it’s the texture, or the way the light shines on the fabric?

8 ways to add blue to your home

Painted wooden furniture can give your living space a real lift and this deep shade of blue from our Rushbury Painted Collection adds a bold, sophisticated tone to the simple design of the coffee table.  In contrast to the blue, the natural oiled oak top highlights the beautiful grain of the wood and adds to the country style appeal of the piece.

Blue mixes well with blue

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Try using different tones of blue if you’re sticking to a single colour, mix textures to add interest.  For example, the denim wall, the dramatic textured navy of the painting and sleek accessories are soften with the contrast pop of copper accents.

How to use blue in your interior
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Mixing blue shades together also works wonderfully well, turquoise, azure and powder blues can be layered to add depth to an existing scheme or combine with cobalt blue walls.  To get the most modern and up to date look for your home, mix turquoise and cerulean blues with golden metallics like the Designers Guild have here.  We think that there's no such thing as too much blue!

Add some blue with collectables

8 ways to add blue to interiors
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For centuries, cultures around the world have used blue in their artwork, kitchenware and housewares.  You can easily infuse the color into your home by collecting treasures including Delftware from the Netherlands.  Blue ceramics give the room instant colour and detail - use them sparingly or display several blue ceramics together as a collection for an stunning display.

Blue looks great with white

The colour to use in your home now
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Blue and white seem like a combination made in colour palette heaven to the human eye - the vast sky filled with white clouds and the beautiful waves meeting the white, sandy beach - they're a perfect match.  The combination works with pretty much any design theme or style, it's elegant, simple and gorgeous, blue and white is one colour combination that will remain timeless for decades to come.

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The simplicity of a blue-and-white scheme gives you the freedom to keep furniture natural – dark oak, teak, olive or limed-wood designs will work brilliantly with blue and white.

Blue in the kitchen

 The colour to use in your home NOW
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A navy kitchen tops the interior trend lists and remains one of the most popular rooms in which to utilise darker hues.  Many of us dream of owning a light and airy kitchen, so if you’re worried choosing navy or inky blues will make it look dark and cramped, keep the walls and flooring light and natural and opt for striking white contrast.

The colour to use in your home NOW!
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Blue looks great with both brass and silver hardware.  Open shelving or upper cabinets with glass windows keep the look fresh and contemporary.  If you're afraid of committing to navy blue for the whole kitchen, you can also just paint the island.

Or just add blue in small doses

The colour to add to your home now
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The most subtle way to add navy to your interior is to do it in small doses. Curtains, an area rug, throw pillows, and wall art are just a few of the ways you can add touches of navy to your space without the colour feeling too dark or dominating.

So it seems as though the on trend colour of blue is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. While many will still prefer the subtlety of more neutral tones in their homes, these are just a few of the ways those darker and richer tones can be easily incorporated – whether you’re going all in for those striking navy hues or thinking about smaller bursts of inky blues here and there instead.  How will you use blue in your home?